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We are very careful not to make any health claims for our C60 olive oil product. Not just because this is illegal - it would immediately be considered a "medicine" and thus be forbidden to be sold, but also because we're scientists and thus we would need to see a double-blind, placebo-controlled study done over years with a large group of people of all ages, physical activity levels and states of health. This will never happen. The only thing we can say is that many top athletes say C60 is the best performance-enhancing substance they ever used, and one even said that this included anabolic steroids. We can hardly believe it, especially the latter. We do not know whether these athletes are exaggerating or experiencing a placebo effect. Of course there must be a placebo effect at play at least in some cases. We take the substance in our salad and we never felt the slightest bit healthier, so there's that. All we have so far is anecdotal evidence, if you can call it even that. We have many athletes from one certain country using our C60 olive oil in large quantities. For years, already. It's basically used as some kind of legal doping, it looks like.

All we can say is that our product is prepared exactly like the Buckminsterfullerene in extra virgin olive oil from the famous Baati rat study, and that that study made headlines for having ordinary lab rats dying of the generalized effects of old age a full two times later than normal. They got nearly six years old instead of the normal three years. And they did not die of the common pneumonia or cancer tumor, but they all died of the generalized effects of old age. They were only given 24 doses over their lifetime and the first dose was given when the rats were far into adulthood already (comparable to a 24-year old human). The C60 was proven in separate tests to fully protect rat livers against normally lethal doses of hepatotoxic chemicals. (The sad part is that they killed the rats that survived, in order to prove that they survived it without liver damage, sigh..) So this is all we can talk about for sure. Results in rats. Rats are higher mammals like humans and the reason rats are often used to do experiments on (torture them to death by the millions, locked up in cages that drive them crazy) is because they are often similar enough to humans, pharmacologically and biochemically speaking.

Since potential customers often ask whether we can point to any customer testimonial from an "ordinary person" (not an athlete), we finally decided to publish this one (some off-topic text removed, image and bold emphasis by us), after having obtained permission to republish the email, including real name. We received many more such endorsements but we never wanted to publish them because we do not want to hype this product to ordinary people. We're just able to produce sufficient bottles (the process takes weeks and is very labor-intensive) for current demand. If demand rises, we would have to hire an additional lab worker and get more lab space. The production is done in a villa in Swedish Lapland (near Malå) and we don't want to change that for storage-reasons: The thousands of bottles of oil can be stored in a cold cellar even in summer, there.

chiropracticHi Sarah,

I just picked up my first bottle of C60 oil from you recently and I must say I'm thoroughly impressed and have some 'anecdotal' information to share.

For years, since 2007, I've had what felt like a prolapsed or slipped disc about C6-7 identifiable by all the transient symptoms that go with pinching of nerves or bulging / expulsion of disc contents. Its quit scary but usually its a very slow degenerative condition not like cancer. For years I've probably under-researched nor cared until I had my first child in 2010 and entered my 30s I started caring more about longevity and health, plus the pain gradually would come and go depending on varietal factors I'd try to control or improve. And it wasn't until just a couple months ago, shortly before reading about C60, that I discovered the potent similar ros / scar tissue 'breakdown' and regeneration benefit of taurine therapy combined with collagen. Those two were also a recent major milestone in what felt like actual improvement for once instead of a scary gradual decline that would result in serious surgery or invasive things needed I fearfully wanted to avoid. Even needles in neck for me aren't appealing perhaps only a matter of time though. :)

So here is what I've observed in just 24 hours since trying my oil and perhaps adding some perspective and marketable / information lingo to your writings and research.

I've read in the past what you've said that it doesn't or one won't consciously 'sense' physiological differences unless you're an athlete. And that is where I believe you are misguided or inexperienced. I've been semi-athletic in my younger years especially teens and early twenties to gradually become majorly sedentary due to my work's nature (software developer). Since becoming injured years ago my 'athletic' abilities have gradually declined or valleyed because vigorous and full motions became painful or impossible. I've always, long before C60, felt like there was a 'flow' issue or perhaps 'chi' in my core due to pinching which radiated out in ways that created a partial 'numbing/painful' disability making breathing, moving, even work and focusing get harder needing to get up constantly and creating severe irritability and a.d.d. lifestyle problems as result.

However, I can tell you this stuff changes that. It gets into long-term problematic ros or cns 'flow' and seemingly gives entire awareness a more 'lubricated' (best word I can describe it) immunological & cns sensation through my body while on it, all pains I've long had or felt at least randomly and so far mostly have ceased but seemed to partially return if I don't redose within 4-5 hours — but again this is only day 1-ish :)

Another aspect I noticed immediately was coughing and asthmatic/coptd-like symptoms I'd been developing for years, but not treating outside of rare anti-biotic use, due to cannabis smoking were rapidly alleviated where I would _not_ cough or struggle to breath after puffing on cbd oil. I think you or longecity mentioned this aspect being found beneficial lately to asthmatics which I likely am just not formally diagnosed or treated until self (owndoc :)) now apparently.

I feel confident so far with all the evidence indicating its beneficial not toxic, and at least within a few years not a single negative, only myriad positive reports, at any dose with liposome mode.

Also I think buckyballs or buckmeisterfullerene is a bit anthropomorphic or egomorphic — they should be called organic spheres or spherene :p

I also have to say while you take it it has a very potent effect on awareness and strength / endurance — again I don't consider myself an athlete but more like a recovering average injured guy with a long-lived sedentary lifestyle now who is noticing profound immediate physiological benefits.

Lastly I think when I couple the dosing or follow it within 5 minutes of ingesting with aminos acids, whey, collagen, taurine, and etc it gives it an enhanced energy performance potential which is again in that athletic direction but could be used by average people looking to eat and live healthier at any age or civilian, sports, or military convalesced. GNC here in Los Angeles like drug stores market plenty of these types of supplements in a variety of forms including to non-athletic healthy lifestyle nutrition or like my case recovery.

I was reading this user sensei on Longecity who claims to dose at 2 or more bottles a week with staggeringly good results. So far just 1.5ml doses are enough but I am now steadily increasing because my body feels amazing on it and incrementally better (removing pains and limited motion, those that chiropractors commonly manipulate macro mechanically, once assimilated or purged.

Thanks I'll be ordering more soon and recommending it to everyone as long as the benefits remain prominently noticeable as in my unique perspective.

- P?t?r H?rz

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