Benefits of C60 in old age

C60-old-ageThere seem to be only two groups of people where taking C60 leads to directly measurable short-term benefits: Athletes and very old people. The average person should not notice the cancer-preventing and life-extending effect. "I'm not getting any cancer!" and "I'm not aging as fast as I used to!" are not noticeable effects. This is an email by one of our customers, a well-known academic in the field of anti-aging who was 88 years old at the time of writing:


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Hallo Mr. Fox , dear John,

My nail regrew within 2 months At the time I was taking the standard dose (1 pipette).

Since a long time I'm taking 4 pipettes daily.

An interesting thing is that my nights cramps (nocturnal cramps-wiki) an 'aging condition' (I'm 88) which bothered me a great deal (disturbed sleep, poor mental state etc. ) are gone after taking high doses for a year. So, in a sense C60 has a rejuvenating effect here too (an 'aging symptom' has disappeared ).

One patient of mine (82) reported this effect after taking the standard dose for one month.

Kind regards,

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