United Nuclear F60 / C60 Buckminsterfullerene scam

bob-lazar-scammerThis is Bob Lazar, owner of a webshop with the impressive name "United Nuclear". One of the things Bob's shop sells is "F60", his name for Buckminsterfullerene C60 in olive oil. Bob is a well-known scammer. Bob claims that he worked on reverse-engineering UFO's in Area 51. Yup. Some UFO's may wel be extraterrestrial spaceships, but it is a 100% proven fact that Mr. Lazar is a liar, because he claimed many times to whomever wanted to listen that the fuel for the propulsion system was a big heavy chunk of element 115 (an elemental substance with elemental weight 115). At the time he made the claim, no laboratory in the world had even managed to create a single atom of Element 115. He claimed that he smuggled a piece of it in his trouser pocket and took it home. Not such a long time ago, a US-Russian team of nuclear scientists managed to manufacture a minute amount of it. It turned out that the half-time of the most stable form of this element 115 (provisional name Ununpentium) is less than a quarter of a second. This means that Lazar lied. Any "chunk" of Element 115 would immediately explode with the fury of a massive nuclear bomb. And even the smallest amount of the stuff is so radioactive that a ten foot lead wall would not save you from its cancer-causing radiation. Not even a one-second exposure to a tiny amount would be survivable. And any amount of Element 115 would be gone in about two seconds. Nuclear physiscist and highly respected UFO expert Stanton Friedman says Mr. Lazar is not a scientist but a hoaxer.

Bob Lazar is a pathological liar also in mundane business matters, because he now claims another spectacular feat (again without offering the slightest evidence):

Mr. Lazar, in March 2012 when the rat study was published, traveled in a time machine to around 2007, so that he had the six years required to replicate that study, so that at the time of this writing, March 3, 2013, he could say: "Our partner lab recently completed a duplicate experiment involving 8 rats. We were able to produce superior results with very minor changes in the manufacturing process of the material."

In order to replicate the study, he needed to have rats survive to at least 5.5 years of age. When he used rats that were 10 months old, and he produced "superior results", he would have needed approx. 5 years to do the study. But how can he have spent that time, if the study itself was only published one year ago? And what are "superior results"? The rats lived even more than 90% longer, on average? Lazar is not going to publish the results of his "partner lab experiment", even though it would establish him as a major authority in this field, since the entire world is waiting for a confirmation of its results. Lazar is not going to publish these results, and neither is the "partner lab" because he is lying - there are no such results because these has never been such a replicated study. This means that the very high price he asks for his "improved" "F60" is based on a lie. There is no improvement - it is a shameless lie.

On top of that, Mr. Lazar sternly warns only to buy C60 in olive oil from him, because others are out to scam you: "Beware of bogus companies and scam websites that claim to sell similar compounds and state that it authentic - but isn't. We recently purchased some Fullerene-60 in olive oil from a very impressive website - only to find that there was no Fullerene-60 in it at all!". Hmm.. We wonder what that very impressive website might be? There is a very, very modest website selling C60-in-oil in the US. It's basically two spartan pages. And then there was Revgenetic's website, but it hardly qualifies as impressive and they stopped selling C60 in oil after being exposed as yet-another-scammer (they used sonication to force-dissolve the C60 rapidly at high temperature, yielding a likely less effective product), having only sold it for a few weeks. But even though they took a very bad shortcut, their C60 itself was bona-fide. That leaves our site. We are indeed "impressive" - we have gathered close to all relevant info on this topic. We offer a wealth of sometimes hard-to-find scientific publications, all relevant toxicity studies, user comments, original research, manufacturing cost breakdown, allotropic dosing calculations, the works. So Bob Lazar implies that the C60 we sell is fake, all the while making a preposterously fraudulent statement about his "improved F60", based on a "reproduced rat study with improved results". Abject nonsense of course, since there are many ways to produce Buckyballs, but there is only one C60 molecule. All C60 molecules are absolutely identical on the quantum mechanical level! But Mr. Lazar in his infinite wisdom found a "better way with superior results" and used his connections in the UFO/Area 51 world to travel half a decade back in time, so as to have his "improved replicated experiment (of rats living at least 5.5 years..)" done in time to start selling now.

The evidence is at the time of writing available at his sales page for his fraudulent United Nuclear F60 fullerene and olive oil:


Fraudulent, because based on the lie of improved efficacy, with which he justifies an inflated price - nearly double our price at the time of writing. It is wholly unknown what purity C60 Mr. Lazar used, and what quality olive oil. If he has proof that a competitor of United Nuclear is selling a fake C60 product, he should post the analysis results to everybody's benefit. We did that with a Russian C60 manufacturer who sold us chimney soot. And if Lazar is sitting on an Earth-shattering "experiment" that confirms and even outperforms the Baathi Rat study (90% increased lifespan for rats on C60 in extra virgin olive oil) he should inform the press and bask in the glory of being the first to confirm its spectacular findings. We actually are sponsoring such a replication study, but unfortunately we do not have access to a time machine like Mr. Lazar, so we'll have to wait a few years to know the results. Perhaps Bob should not dabble in the serious business of supplements and go back to pimping. He was arrested in 1990 for his involvement with a brothel. He pleaded guilty to pandering an received a three-year suspended sentence and did community service. If anyone wonders what "panderer" means: "A person who furnishes clients for a prostitute or supplies persons for illicit sexual intercourse; procurer; pimp."

Note how Mr. Lazar, owner of United Nuclear and maker-of-many-unsubstantiated-claims not only operated a brothel - he also videotaped the customers and kept a database of their licence plates! There is only one conceivabe reason to do such a thing - blackmail.

United Nuclear is giving false hope that their Fullerene C60/F60 in olive oil might make people live to 150 years old: "Could a teaspoon or two a day allow Humans to live to 150 years of age? Time and further testing will tell." This is nonsense. It is due to biochemical and genetical reasons not at all likely that humans will derive similar longevity benefits as rats, because humans have more sophisticated anti-aging mechanisms. What would be honest is to percentually reduce the expected benefit to humans, commensurate with the percentual differences in laverage lifespans between humans and rats. That would yield a modest human lifespan increase, and not 60 or 70 or 80 years, as Mr. Lazar raises hopes for, in a bid to justify his enormously high price for the product.

Bob Lazar has been arrested and convicted numerous times. Once he got three years probation for selling bomb-making materials. he was criticized for selling Polonium 210 - the same radioactive poison that killed Alexander Litvinenko. We noticed another thing: Around the time that Lazar started selling his F60 product, someone on Reddit claimed that he took "a drop of Sarah's C60 and immediately my tongue went numb, and then I started pissing blood". We had a look at the posting history of this person. He claimed in the past that several substances - he experiments with all kinds of prescription drugs and narcotics - made him "piss blood". We have nothing to hide, so we just mention it as an example of well, more craziness in the C60-world. We thought this character may even be Mr. Lazar, because the posting clearly is a deliberate and false defamation of our product, which only a competitor would typically stoop down to. The interesting thing is that the poster elsewhere mentions that he sees UFO's "every single day". Perhaps he should have bought his C60 from UFO-Bob!

The C60 business is getting ugly. It is the most clinically-proven longevity agent around, which makes it the prime target for the vendors of other anti-aging products to attack. But they should really make their allegations a little more credible next time. Potential buyers should educate themselves. Don't believe the "toxicity" nonsense, for example. There are people who want this product to fail because they sell a competing anti-aging product, or by people who don't understand simple physics or chemistry, or are too lazy to read the studies, or both. Only water-soluble C60 and C60 aggregates are mildly toxic. But Lipofullerenes on the other hand greatly extend the life of all organisms they were tested on, from plankton to rats, meaning negative toxicity. It also greatly protected against liver damage caused by free radicals, as can be seen in the original rat study, linked to on the left sidebar.

1.  John    Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I believe that there are more than just two "impressive" websites taking orders for c60 in olive and other oils. I purchased a 4 oz bottle of c60 in avocado oil, branded "Purplepower" from https://vitalvibesource.com, and have been taking it daily with no noticeable results.

I ordered the avocado oil variety because at the time of my order, they stated that there was a significant delay for the olive oil product due to the high demand. The product seemed dubious from the start, due to its appearance - it has no dark hued color as carbon content would seem to dictate, but rather appears to be just a bottle of plain, simple oil. I've had thoughts of searching for a lab where I might send it for spectral analysis. I will not be placing any more orders with them in the future.

2.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, October 31, 2017

If you can see through half an inch of the oil then it has virtually no C60 in it. It should be extremely dark, when put in a shot glass. Only when held against bright light should you see a deep purple hue in an otherwise very dark oil. Depending on how green the oil is (chlorophyl content), a dark brownish color is present, because deep purple + green = dark brown. If you can put a picture on a photo sharing service I can see immediately whether it's C60 oil or not.

3.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I forgot to say that of course there should be no noticeable results, when taking our C60-EVOO product. All it has proven to do (in rats) is the following:

1. Very significantly slow down aging
2. Prevent the formation of the customary tumors (in rats)
3. Protect against hepatotoxic chemicals.

1, 2, and 3 should not cause on to feel any different, naturally. Sadly, people demand veritable "magic" and are not content with just living longer in good health. So the scammers make up all kinds of hype that it cures arthritis etc., put up fake testimonials and sell adulterated product. This will give it a bad name.

4.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I was surprised that overnight copycats started to offer all kinds of expensive, exotic oils such as Avocado oil, even though those are clinically unproven, since it is the type of oil molecules BOUND TO the C60 that do TOGETHER a job inside the lipid bilayers of the cells and their mitochondria.

Note that C60 is about as expensive as gold and the minimum order is 100 grams. It does not make sense to create with such an expensive substance a product that has no science behind it. They make penty of fraudulent claims though...

5.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Both the seller as well as the manufacturer of the product you bought hides their identity in the WHOIS registry as well as on their site and there is no way to find out who you're buying from. It's naive to expect that people who obviously lie about the product and pay extra for anonymizing services to keep their identity secret, can be relied upon to sell you a product of which the ingredients cost as much as gold, and which takes enormous investments to produce. What's needed is a large centrifuge (300 lbs), a vacuum filter system, a vacuum oven, a very large and expensive stirring setup, a dosing system, a bottling system, a capping system and many thousands of dollars in C60. You believe that proven liars that hide their identity will sell you something that is what it says on the label?