Bob Greska's C60 Scam

Bob Greska should be arrested and imprisoned for the multi-million consumer fraud of selling an extremely expensive fake C60 product, pretending it contains C60, falsifying "electron microscope photographs" and "certificates" and making knowingly false, highly defamatory claims about products that actually contain C60.

Bob Greska sells the black pigment Carbon Black in Sunflower oil and charges many times the price for that fake C60 product than the price for the real thing.

Real C60 in oil has a beautiful, deep-purple hue and his does not, so he falsely claims that this purple teint is caused by "toxic solvents". Below the details of an independent analysis report, showing that in fact Greska's product is fake:

Note that the person who made this video peddles his OWN C60 product for which he makes false health claims. We also sell C60 in olive oil but we make no health claims whatsoever. We do report benefits, relayed to us by our customers but in our opinion, C60 in olive oil only increases healthy life span. This can NOT be "felt". Aging slower and being protected against getting Cancer is not something you can "feel" in the form of increased energy. Anyone who claims their product gives more energy is a liar.

Greska enlisted an agency to write many fake positive reviews on his Amazon page, but in spite of that, there are plenty of 1-star reviews, warning that the product is a fake.

The FTC Act prohibits unfair or deceptive advertising in any medium. That is, advertising must tell the truth and not mislead consumers. We will submit a FTC complaint and expect Greska to be issued a Cease & Desist letter.

Greska, with his wild health benefits claims for his product and white lab coat with impressive microscopes in the background (C60 can NOT be observed under a microscope..) targets the most naive market segment. His product does not even contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It's literally worth five cents of Sunflower oil.

Bob Greska belongs in jail. Let's hope he'll end up there soon.

The test result shows that his product is fake: