Human dosing vs. rat dosing

You can buy our C60-olive oil solution for your pet rats so that they will likely live nearly twice as long. We can't recommend you taking it yourself, because that would be a criminal offense, as we have been told by our attorney. We'd be closed down by the FDA, this domain would be confiscated, the site shut down, our premises raided, our computers confiscated and us fined or sent to prison. So please don't take it yourself. Actually, don't give it to your rats either, because we are not even sure that suggestion is legal. We are not licensed veterinarians. You can, however, use our Buckyball-olive oil mixture to lubricate your aging sewing machine with. That is perfectly legal says our attorney. At least for the time being, until C60 becomes a restricted "nanoparticle" substance, as part of a new "nanomaterials licensing law" or something. Even though there are no nanoparticles in it at all - it's just C60 molecules attached to lipid-chains.

But just for hypothesis sake. Let's say you would buy the C60 oil for your rats but then you'd change your mind and want to take it yourself anyway. How much would most likely be a sufficient daily dose?

The rats were given 1.7 mg/kg body weight 24 times in a 7-month period.

The rats weighed on average 600 grams.

Using allometric scaling, we get the following results for a human being weighing 70 kilo (154 lbs.):

A person weighing 70 kilo should get a dose of 36.208 mg 24 times in a 7-month period, which translates to 4 mg/day if the dose is taken daily instead of once every nine days, as with the rats.

And that person should take that dose every day for 15 years, as that is 20% of the average lifetime of a person. Seven months is 20% of the average lifetime of the rats used in the study.

However, there is not much reason to believe that this dose of 4 mg/day is required to enjoy the beneficial effect. The rat study's goal was to find toxic effects, not establish medicinal properties.

There is for example the anecdotal report from someone who took a single 2 mg dose (Update: Broken link - Longecity has been removing all mention of positive effects and forbidden any discussion on the topic, even removed entire threads) and said that 4 hours after taking it, he could run 3 km, something he had not been able to do for ten years.

Since humans will take this substance every day, year after year, we think it is reasonable to recommend 1.5 mg/day, slightly more than a third (37.5%) of the dose used, allometrically, in the rat study. Then there would still be up to a thousand C60 molecules at the disposal of every mitochondrion in the body.


Based on equivalency allometric dosing calculations extrapolating from rats to average-weight humans, our recommended dose is 1.5 mg/day.


There is 40 mg C60 in a 50 ml bottle of oil. So if you take 1.5 mg C60/day, one bottle should last 40 / 1.5 = 26.66 days, rounded down due to oil residue to 26 days.


50 ml / 26.66 = 1.88 ml per dose.


If you squeeze the dropper fully and release it to suck up the oil, it is filled to approx. 1 ml. This means that when you do this twice and empty them both in your food, your mouth or a teaspoon, you've dosed a total of roughly 1.88 ml, since some of the oil remains stuck to the inside walls of the dropper. The exact dosage depends on many factors and it is irrelevant, especially since we don't know the optimal dose for humans anyway. The dosage recommendation is an educated guess, but a wild one.


When you suck up a full dropper dose twice to obtain the recommended dose, a bottle should last 26 days.
So when you suck up the oil twice, you've sucked up approx. 2 ml of oil and achieved our recommended dosage of 1.5 mg C60 that day. After 26 days, you'll have sucked up all the oil. If it lasts significantly longer, you're not aspiring enough oil and the oil may be too cold to flow nicely. You'll have to let it sink down in the dropper a bit longer and repeatedly push it out. Do not store the opened bottle you're using in the fridge for that reason.

1.  Prosper    Monday, May 28, 2012

Hi Sara,

  Thanks again for the FAQ section. They are very detailed and helpful. I will definitely be purchasing a bottle from your first batch. Count me in!
  I had a quick question that you may reply to by email if you do not wish to publish it here. Since you also believe like many others that the reason C60 works may most likely because of the DNA-demythelation, I was wondering if that process wouldn't take place with a single dose (or at the very least a month of 1.5mg/day). 1000 Buckyballs per mitochondrion seems about adequate to demythelate every cell and keep them in that state at least for a while.
  Based on that I was just thinking if it would be sufficient to supplement with C60 one month every year (because C60 molecules do tend to stay on for a while).
 Again, if it makes sense to directly email me, please feel free to do so. Thanks again for all the help!


2.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, May 28, 2012

Well Raj,

I picked the demethylation theory because it fits the results of various studies best, but I am not very sure at all that it is the correct explanation of what's happening.

Fact is that the rats lived very much longer after a mere 24 doses, so something must somehow be "reversed", "rejuvenated", "repaired", "unblocked", "fixed" etc.

It's a pity this product is so cumbersome to produce, because we will never be able to meet any kind of serious demand. We will, in a couple of days, have 8 stirrers in operation, and still we will only be able to produce a couple dozen bottles per day.
Filtering, even with a vacuum pump, takes all day for those two dozen bottles. So I hope that any longevity effects in the order of magnitude as in the rat study will not need 15 years of C60 supplementation, but, worst-case, it would need that.

Then again, noone knows whether the rats received not a much too high dose. They tried to poison the rats with C60, we should not forget that. I have read on Longecity that people postulated that 0.25 mg/day for a person might very well have a similar effect. Nobody knows and nobody can or will know this unless many more studies of various kinds are performed. Sadly, by that time it will be too late for the entire human population currently alive, because by the time the boffins in the labs have finally brought us the good news that chimps live 70 instead of 50 years on C60, well, we're all dead by then.

How old would those rats have gotten with only 12 instead of 24 doses? How old would they have gotten if they would have received 24 treatment doses, but ten times lower C60 concentration? It is very likely that lower dosages would also cause a longer lifespan, because the treatment was arbitrary, basically.

What intrigues me is that the C60 rats did not die of cancer or immune system failure (pneumonia), as the rats in the control group did. They died of the generalized old age effects on their organs. In what dose does C60 prevent cancer? Can C60 cure cancer in a very early stage? Does C60 strenghten the immune system? How come that mice brains were rejuvenated in a C60 study?

According to Occam's Razor, all those effects likely have a common cause. That would be a general rejuvenation on the molecular/cellular genetic level, so that hypothesis is the one I prefer for the time being.

3.  Prosper    Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thanks Sarah!
 Do you have any concerns over the toxicity of nanotubes that might still be present in the solution?

4.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, May 31, 2012

 Not at all anymore, since this study on the C60 purity from half a dozen suppliers found two things:

1. They were all lying about their purity,

2. None of the impurities were carbon nanotubes - all of the impurities were non-toxic.

The study on alleged C60 purity vs. real purity, and the impurities they found:

5.  Tintinet    Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do you know the amount dispensed by the dropper? Thanks!

6.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes, that is written in the sales page in the store, it is 1.5 ml for a full dropper, you have to suck the oil up twice because it fills only halfway.

7.  StevenAkin70    Friday, June 29, 2012

Does it seem like the rats were given high doses almost like a chemo blast? Maybe purge or reset their... Whatever.  I mean if the compound leaves the body in 10-24hrs. There is also the fact researchers stop treatments after 1st rat died. So, what happens if the the blast continued?

8.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, June 29, 2012

The rats were given modest oral doses, hardly a "blast". The fact that such few doses (24 over a lifetime) made them derive such enormous health benefits belies the notion that C60 would be toxic, as you are alluding to. Our dosing recommenedations for humans correspond to what the rats received, with allometric scaling and lifetime taken into account.

There is no proof that all of the C60 leaves the body in 10-24 hours, and it is unlikely that it does, because the elimination tests did not test for C60 in the lipid bilayer of the mitochondrial membrane. All they did was look at tissue levels and urine levels etc.

It would be otherwise hard to explain where the longevity comes from, in those rats, with only 24 doses and such a fast elimination time.

So it is likely that some C60 remains for a much longer time in certain parts of certain cells, perhaps even up to one year. A lot of brainstorming has been done on the Longecity mega-thread and we now think that there are indications that even lower dosages than we currently advise may work just as well. You are free to take higher doses followed by weeks of no dosing, but we think smaller, regular dosing has the greatest likelihood of maximum beneficial effect at this time.

There is no evidence for a "reset", there is some evidence/reason to believe that the C60 remains in the mitochondrial membranes and that it gets recycled into the lipid bilayers of new Mitochondria when the old ones die.

As to how C60 prolongs life: We tend to favor the hypotheses that it prevents tumor formation, that it is an extremely effective antioxidant exactly where it matters most, and that it can somehow undo "genetic damage" to a certain extent, by DNA demethylation or some other means. There also is the theory that C60 can stabilize DNA strands.

9.  Vince Giuliano    Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sarah and everybody. I posted a comprehensive blog entry on the science of C-60 as related to health and longevity on my Aging Sciences blog at http://www.anti-agingfirewa.... Vince Giuliano

10.  Keats27    Monday, December 31, 2012

How does one take it? Does it go under the tongue or just straight down the hatch? Thanks.

11.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, December 31, 2012

Just like how you would consume any other oil. You can add it to salad or just drink it plain. Someone asked whether it has to be taken with food or without and I was unable to see the question here after approval. The answer to that question is that it very likely does not matter. The rats did not get it with food.

12.  Keats27    Monday, December 31, 2012

Thanks for the prompt reply, Sarah, and for the supplement.

13.  Wanderer    Friday, March 8, 2013

How does C60 work with other medications? I'm not even suppose to take an aspirin.

14.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, March 8, 2013

There is no data on that available, but it is highly unlikely that C60 will chemically interact with medicines. C60 acts as an antioxidant by absorbing free electrons but it is otherwise an extraordinary inert molecule. It does not dissolve in water. The lipofullerene in our product is already bound with lipids so there are no more possibilities for the molecule to react.

The Lipofullerene will hence end up in the lipid bilayer of the mitochondria, where it acts as an extraordinarily effective antioxidant.

15.  FNFAL    Friday, April 5, 2013

What is the purpose of the olive oil? Does it work synergistically with C60 and transform it, or does C60 transform olive oil? How fitting, since "olive oil" in the Greek language is el-ah-yah, with El and Yah being the names of God.

Also, what micro-biological mechanism can we attribute the resistance to hepatotoxicity?

16.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, April 5, 2013

The olive oil lipid chains bind to the C60. The resulting lipofullerene can reside in the lipid bilayer of the cell and mitochondial membrane for a long time and act as an infinitely-recyclable antioxidant right where antioxidant action matters most.

17.  FNFAL    Friday, April 5, 2013

Thanks. I guess I should have listened more to that student lab assistant I met 10 years ago that was working with bucky balls for the Air Force here.

With Mitochondrial bio-genesis traits of Olive tree substances like Hydroxytyrosol, I don't doubt Olive oils contributions in all this. I also think an examination of how the Krebs Cycle is optimized with said substances can also be fruitful - excuse the pun. Thanks again.

18.  Rick    Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What does the C60 "DO" with a free radical it wanted to "destroy?" If it picks up electrons, where does it deposit them to be reused again? After it's full of free electrons from free radicals is it rendered useless at that point? If a C60 molecule accepts an electron from a free radical what will the free radical become?

19.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Please read:

Free radicals are molecules that have an electron too many or an electron too few. Since C60 can store several electrons, on average this works well to neutralize both types of free radicals. It truly is an universal antioxidant that never stops working.

20.  Rick    Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yes I see the first reaction C60 is taking an unpaired electron FROM O2 which renders that Oxidant harmless so it can't dump its' unpaired electron on a beneficial molecule and oxidize it. The products of that reaction are C60 and a stable Oxygen.
In the second reaction C60 dumps its' unpaired electron in an reaction with O2 and 2 atoms of Hydrogen to form C60 and Hydrogen Peroxide which some have stated that it is toxic to the human body, but that CAN'T be true because our Lysosomes produce it, not as a poison, but as a beneficial substance for use in our cells. I know because I ingest food grade H2O2 and it has helped me greatly, not harmed me. I don't listen to doctors or Big Pharma anymore. I have taken my health into my own hands.
So every action--in these two reactions--C60 takes is a positive reaction no matter if it is accepting or donating its' electrons to or from an oxidative O2 molecule.
Does C60 interact as an anti-oxidant with other molecules besides O2? I should be paying MORE attention in BIOL-101 I know.
C60 + .O2− → .C60- + O2
.C60- + .O2− + 2H+ → C60 + H2O2.
Thank you Sarah! : )

21.  chris    Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Wondering about the huge difference in concentration here...

22.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The reason their concentration is near-zero is because Hydrated Fullerenes is a homeopathy scam and the scammer does not want to run afoul of the FDA or the Ukranian version of it:

Near-zero concentration also means his product costs as much as water to produce, but is sold very expensively..

Everything that really does something is a "medicine" and illegal to sell. That's why he sells stuff that does absolutely nothing. No liabilities, no laws transgressed - the perfect scam, if you fall for it.

23.  Ingrid    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The rats were given 1.7 mg/kg body weight 24 times in a 7-month period, so
a person weighing 70 kg should get a dose of 36.208 mg 24 times in a 15-year period, not in a 7-month period as you state.
Here is why:
7 months is 20% of the average lifetime of the rats used in the study.
15 years is 20% of the average lifetime of a person.
7 months for rats = 15 years for humans.
It should be 24 doses during 20% of the average lifetime (7 months for rats or 15 years for humans).

24.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

You're wrong because you totally ignored allometric scaling. It's clearly mentioned in the article.

Google "allometric scaling" :-)

25.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And you made another mistake: You claim I state a 7-month period for humans, but I quote from my article:

"And that person should take that dose every day for 15 years".

26.  brucey g    Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hi, if I weigh 90kgs(200 lbs), would 1,5 mgs a day be enough for a dose?

27.  Guest    Sunday, October 5, 2014


28.  Guest    Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hi Sarah,
When you said and I quote:"taking exactly one full eye-dropper pipette", when squeezing the rubber part of dropper, it doesn't fill all the way up the pipette so do I have to squeeze an extra time to make up for the missing gap? Thanks!

29.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, October 5, 2014

As we explain in the store, yes. We've tried bottles from three manufacturers and could not find any where a dropper can be fully filled, unfortunately. What we did find, on our quest for the ideal bottle, was one manufacturer who sold us 10000 dirty bottles (dirty on the inside!!) so we lost about 8000 dollars on that transaction.

30.  Justin    Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Greeings Sarah

Many thanks for the safe arrival of c60. One simple question. You suggest it can be added to salad or just drunk plain. Should it always be taken with food or is there added virue in taking it on an empty stomach? Or does it not matter?

Many thanks

31.  Peggy    Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hi! Do you have any recent testimonials from individuals who have been using your product for years?

32.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, February 7, 2015

Your question must be based on a misunderstanding - there are no expected perceivable effects except longer expected lifetime and the inhibition of tumor formation, so there can never be any testimonials either, except perhaps decades from now.

The only people that notice any beneficial effects are top athletes. To me, privately, those customers report more stamina, greater explosive strength, shorter recovery period. But unless you are at the level they are on, forget about being able to jog faster or anything. I believe that the reports of such effects on Longecity are all wishful thinking. We sell a lot to (semi) professional athletes in a certain country where a lot of pioneering has been done amongst sports people and the results spoke around. Some buy it buy 24 bottles in one go and they keep buing more. I guess it's yielding results, as the Dutch athlete on our site also claimed for his rowing. For obvious reasons, athletes will not want to disclose that they take a novel performance enhancing substance. Not to alert their competition and also not to alert sports authorities.

So we have two credible people on our site saying it works for them. One very old anti-aging professor and one owner of a sport school who broke records and won medals way beyond considered attainable at his age and training level. After he started taking C60 he suddenly won those contests he never was able to win. And he did not change his training schedule or diet. Please note that these people have no business relationship with us whatsoever, they are customers of ours and have spent a small fortune on our C60. We do occasionally give such customers a few bottles for free but we're not in cahoots together. I even think it's unwise of them to allow us to publish their details.

I am aware of the fact that a Dutch anti-aging expert (University professor, 87 or 88 years old and a medical doctor and respected anti-aging author) claims he sees significant anti-aging effects - I suggest you read his materials we provide online. I am still sceptical, even though we sell the product, I am a strong believer in the Placebo effect :-)

On the other hand, the older the person taking the supplement, the more significant its effects might be, because when you're young you would not notice that you'll live to 90 instead of 80.

But when you're 87 or 88, as Prof. Defares (see his material top-right, he is a major customer of ours), the added years in "good health" (none of the rats died of the usual tumors or pneumonia, they all died of generalized old age) that C60 _may_ provide would of course be very noticeable.

A few days ago, a very famous person purchased many bottles from us. He used his real name and address, a billionaire. With a B. Which is exceptional, because usually those purchases go via their anti-aging docs. It all means nothing. It all comes down to: Do you believe the rat study and do you think it may work on humans as well, more or less. And are you prepared to spend the money to try. It likely beats going to the Casino, that's all we know at this time. Instead of possible monetary gains, you're playing for possible life gains.

My husband and I put an entire bottle in a large salad, every couple of weeks. As expected, we notice absolutely nothing, but at least we're not dead or diagnosed with cancer yet :-)

Be wary of those who promise you miracles. This stuff may do nothing at all and the money may be a complete waste. Then again, a relatively modest number of doses now may confer, just as it did with the rats, significant protection against the effects of old age, much later in life. The rats only got 24 doses and years after the final dose, they just refused to die. The last rat had to be killed in order to wrap up the study - they wanted to publish the extraordinary results. There are rumors that they even killed the last two rats. After they lived nearly twice as long as they should have.

33.  Brave Bird    Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hi there - I'm not so clued up on the science, however I understand that this product may help those with a blockage on their MnSOD gene. I have been suffering from very bad fatigue for the last few years and recently had a DNA adducts test at Acumen labs in the UK. The upshot being that I have very low activity levels on my MnSOD gene and partial blockages on this adduct. So my question is, would this product help me counteract that?

34.  Harry Benson    Thursday, August 6, 2015

I just obtained my first bottle, which I ordered from Vaughter Wellness, which shipped from the Czech Republic. Examination came up with no negatives. Taste test was uneventful. (One drop on tongue.) I heard rumors that it did not taste great. It tastes like olive oil.

I have been in a refugee stage of life for about half a decade, and it appears that I have about half a decade to go.

That means a certain economic stability will return when I am about eighty. My ideas do often come to fruition more quickly than my first estimate. For that reason, I take the various substances that may impact longevity with considerable care to maximize the effect and eliminate waste. When the package came, I had just dined. While it was in transit I had evolved my protocol. This is not advice. It is just what I intend to do next, based on my circumstances.

1. Start with an empty stomach.

2. Consume 10 drops of C60/olive oil, coating mouth and tube to stomach.

3. Chew a 2000 mg gelcap of squid oil containing the omegas in the proportion: DHA 4:1 EPA (800 mg: 200 mg).

The idea is to mix the lipids and reduce the likelihood that the C60 goes through the tract without absorption and just gets uselessly excreted. A little later I will commence drinking a combination of parsley/green tea with dark brown sugar and raw honey.

4. During this time I will avoid ground milk thistle seed and huang qi. If any C60 gets to the liver, I would like it to have a chance to stay a while.

Some say that C60 does not persist in the body long. That does not seem quite logical to me. Before I come to that conclusion, I'll maximize the chances for retention as much as possible.

But what is really needed is the Eureka Idea that will evolve C60 and the other fullerenes in much more significant quantities, economically. In my current rustic digs in the forest, that may take some months.

Sarah, you said to Peggy:
"Your question must be based on a misunderstanding - there are no expected perceivable effects except longer expected lifetime and the inhibition of tumor formation, so there can never be any testimonials either, except perhaps decades from now."

It might not be all that easy to sort it out from the lexicon of other things I do for our health, but we are certainly feeling healthier than we were five years ago, by a considerable margin, and that is counter-intuitive.

If my energy continues to improve markedly while maintaining the same general practices I have been employing, with the only NEW change being the use of C60 and some other fullerenes, then I am going to at least entertain the notion that the fullerenes, like C60 are playing a significant part.

35.  seescaper    Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Regarding the proposed mechanism of action of C60, here are my thoughts. The following facts must be considered as part of any solution:

In order for there to be an increase in maximum lifespan, the mechanism must in some way involve telomere lengthening. Merely increasing vigor or stamina or energy does not make for extension of maximum lifespan, nor have any type of antioxidant treatments ever extended lifespan in any species I am aware of.

Any telomere extension must be done in such a way that cancer is not promoted. Many cancer cell lines are effectively “immortal”by rejuvenating telomeres. In contrast, the rats were able to avoid tumors. Nevertheless simple avoidance of tumors alone, without associated telomere lengthening should not increase maximum lifespan.

The hepatoprotective effect of C60 must be accounted for. This is not as much discussed, but should be recognized, although it might be an additional effect unrelated to maximum lifespan extension.

Lengthening of telomeres in my opinion would have the most immediate effects upon cells that are most rapidly dividing. These cells are at greatest risk for telomere shortening. This could explain some possible effects that have been mentioned having to do with regrowth of hair as well as possible effects on the immune system, or improvements in skin quality. A more vigilant immune system might be better able to knock out tumors, although tumors can develop even in the young.

The effect must be seen on intermittent dosing, and must persist at least somewhat after dosing has stopped altogether. This would make any mode of action that relies on the need for regular dosing less likely, and suggests either that c60 is very poorly eliminated or causes semipermanent effects.

The rats not only lived longer, but retained vigor, meaning that the normal effects of aging were delayed, and not a scenario where the additional life gained was simply a more drawn out debility. This suggests again a postponement of senescent somatic aging.

I would not expect telomere lengthening to otherwise cause “reverse” aging” in the sense of older people turning into their younger selves, however I might simply expect that the somatic effects of aging would take longer to manifest from the point of initiation of c60. It also makes sense that such effects would be more noticeable the older an individual is, as aging effects seem to accelerate somewhat with age. In addition, although we might accept that the maximum possible lifespan for our species might be something in the 120 year range, not everyone has suoercentenarian genes. So most people individually might have a genetic lifespan maximum of less, perhaps 80-100 years. Someone who lives to 100 who would otherwise have died at 80 would have extended their own predetermined maximum lifespan 25% even though that person did not outlive a supercentenarian.

It would not be surprising if c60 had more than one effect. It might very well act as a more efficient antioxidant, but in order to extend lifespan it must somehow modify the shortening of telomeres. Perhaps by flipping some molecular switch or whatever.

As to dosage, I have been taking this for about a year. I have been noticing some reduction in baldness, or increased hair regrowth. It is very slow, but noticeable. I use a lot of other stuff on my hair, but did not get any regrowth until beginning c60. I have increased the dosage and have been recently taking about 5 mg every other day.

I understand the concept of allometric scaling, but it is only an approximation,
as it does not take into account the overall different genetic makeup of two
very dissimilar species which could also affect dosing, or even whether it
works at all. But since c60 has no apparent harmful effects, I am erring on the
side of a higher dosage, even if it might be more than I need, although some are taking much higher doses than me. In fact taking any supplement designed to increase maximum lifespan has to be done on an article of faith, as by the time it is known if it works, or the proper dose, it would be too late to benefit.

36.  Engineer Charlie    Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The one, presumably very significant, difference which i have not seen discussed on any of these pages is a discussion of how it is different to *ingest* the substance versus the mode in the rat study which was to *inject* the substance. Do you have any information on how you believe this affects the digestive system versus its effects injected directly into the bloodstream? Would really appreciate any info!

37.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The C60 olive oil was never injected into the blood stream. You confuse intraperitoneally with intravenously. The rats received the product via their stomachs.

38.  Sherry    Monday, December 21, 2015

I just got the pkg today & started immediately. My weight is 56 kg. I think my dosage needs to be dropped a tad. The interactive calculator here on the site is not so interactive.

39.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's a bug in WordPress. This picture should not be visible in Google, not have it's own page, and not have a Disqus comment field.. The actual article it is part of contains a link to the allometric scaling site:

40.  Antigone Trivellas    Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hi, has anybody tried to use it externally, i.e., in face creams etc? Would it offer any benefits?

41.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's added in small concentrations to extremely expensive skin creams and several benefits are reported but I'd not put too much credence in them.

42.  Antigone Trivellas    Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Many thanks!

43.  jademadrid    Friday, May 6, 2016

Oh My Gosh! My sewing machine hasn't worked this good in 20 years! Was wondering if the temperature changes product? I received in mail and it was quite warm. Merci!

44.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, May 7, 2016

The researchers of the study kept the product outside the fridge for six years and analysis showed no deterioration after that. Lipofullerene remains lipofullerene, but be aware of rancidity, so it's better to store it cool and in a closed bottle in a dark place. The fridge.

45.  dixon757    Wednesday, June 22, 2016

dont mind at all your profit margin. However, being a bit low on finances, I am doing the eye dropper once a week. Think that will help? At least I am also very healthy at the moment (age 74)

46.  dixon757    Wednesday, June 22, 2016

There is the joke that some one came up with a drug that conferred immortality but couldnt get it approved by the authorities because it would take forever to test it.

47.  jerrycollie    Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Let's skip C60 for a moment. Let's use a regular antioxidant that accepts one free radical electron. What happens is that the antioxidant stabilizes the free radical to keep it from damaging an important cellular molecule. Then when another free radical comes along, the antioxidant holding the free radical electron can transfer the extra electron to this new free radical; thereby neutralizing both free radicals, and renewing the antioxidant. In the worst case, the antioxidant accepts the new free radical electron, and the antioxidant is thereby destroyed. In the case of C60 it is a very stable molecule and can accept an extra electron from a free radical, or donate an electron to a free radical. In that case eventually two free radicals will neutralize each other and the C60 will return to its original state. Even if C60 accepts 2 or more electrons, it will eventually donate them to other free radicals and return to the C60 original state; because it is very stable. Keep in mind that whenever 2 free radicals meet, they will neutralize each other, probably by bonding to each other.

48.  jerrycollie    Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Well, let's see: I have been feeding Vaughter's C60 to my 60 kilo rat for about 2 years now. My rat is 75 years old. It can bench press 150 pounds, over-head press 105 pounds, and jog for an hour or more without getting tired. My rat has no cancer. He thinks cancer is caused by free radicals; and that C60 neutralizes free radicals. My rat thinks that in the worse case, he will have wasted about $19 per month; but if instead he waits for the government to fund another rat study, my rat will die of old age first.
However, if you want to life forever, you also have to boost you intake of vitamin C to about 1000 mgs of timed release C per day. It is very cheap; about $6 per 100 tabs. It will prevent all kinds of heart disease. Google "Why animals don't have heart attacks".
In addition, if you want more energy, take 2 tabs of Niagen (200 mgs) per day. You will also have to do weightlifting and jogging. You will live another 7 hours for each hour you spend exercising! Where else can you get that kind of return? Certainly not from your bank savings account!
That is the best I can do without running afoul of the FDA, and getting thrown in jail. Maybe I am already going to be arrested for feeding this to my rat without a vet's prescription. Cheers!
PS: Someone has been systematically purging C60 testimonials from the Internet!

49.  jerrycollie    Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gavage: using a plastic tube the C60 was squirted down the rat's throat and into its stomach.
I would have just mixed it into the rat's food; but then who am I to argue with a scientist?

50.  jerrycollie    Tuesday, August 16, 2016

There are reports of sunlight damaging it; so be careful!

51.  jerrycollie    Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Probably, the rats went the last 3 years without any C60.

52.  middleway1    Sunday, September 25, 2016

Shouldn't C60 protect the olive oil from going rancid? Rancidity is peroxidation of the unsaturated double bonds in the oil. Antioxidants are added to unsaturated oils to protect from going rancid. I should think C60, being an antioxidant, would protect against rancidity.

53.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's a bit more complex than that. As I understand it, rancidity is caused by oxygen binding to the oil, and I'm not sure how effective electron-transfer is in preventing that. C60 is extremely effective in preventing free-radical damage by infinitely remaining able to donate or absorbing multiple electrons at a time, but that's something different from blocking an oxygen atom from bonding with a lipid. Free radical damage is an electron being ripped away from an atom or an excess electron being pushed into an atom (both by a free radical), thereby causing changes in its chemical behavior and ultimately leading to a different composition/decomposition of this atom. For example, a free radical can damage a DNA molecule like that and C60 can prevent this. How exactly this happens is explained elsewhere on this site.

Yes, as the lab experiment showed, the C60 does seem have a very significant stabilizing effect on preventing rancidity as well.

54.  Herman    Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I am using your c60 for my cat for a while now and the bottles I don't use stay in the dark. The bottle I use are on a shelf in the garage which is dark most of the time.

I recently read this article: and I am wondering how "dark" the producing and packaging proces is on your side.

I would like to have a long life for my cat, but I was triggered by this article. Can be good, can be bad....

Like to hear from you.

55.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, November 1, 2016

As I already commented on before on this site, this is FUD by a direct competitor. Absolutely nowhere on their site is any proof, evidence or even a mention or link to their published research or even some draft of their preliminary findings. No mention of the C60 or oil they used in their alleged "research", no mention of the method of the alleged light degradation or the type of "found toxicity".

That being said, of course we prepare and store our C60-EVOO product under absolute light-tight conditions. It's surprisingly difficult to transport large quantities of glass bottles in bulk without regular breakage which spoils the labels of all other bottles in a carton, so we came up with the solution of putting two bottles with their pipettes facing eachother in a thick (I'd say photon-proof) cardboard tube closed off with black plastic lids. Those tubes are inside cardboard boxes reinforced with more cardboard sheets inside, and those cardboard boxes are stored, after production, in the cold, dark cellar of a villa in Swedish Lapland. We dispatch from the Czech Republic and have a similar storage cellar in an old stone building with enormously thick brick walls where the conditions are like in a cave - chilly and dark - even in summer. And of course the bottles are still in their cardboard tubes, inside boxes.

The oil itself is mixed in a stainless steel vessel, under a vacuum, in a dark room in Swedish Lapland in a villa our company owns.

We're constantly improving our methods and we are going to switch to Miron bottles. Those bottles are made of extremely dark glass, I think less than 0.1% of light is let through. Not that this is remotely relevant, though. We only will switch to these bottles because their pipettes work better than our current ones. Not because of light exposure considerations. Significant light exposure simply does not happen, neither is there any risk of toxicity above and beyond the ordinary (toxic, of course) rancidity of olive oil itself, when exposed to light. C60 will not magically change its extraordinarily inert chemical properties, when exposed to light. It is exactly those properties that allows it to be such an effective neutralizer of free radicals, both able to accept as well as donate multiple electrons. Only hyper-stable molecules can do that. C60 is uniquely stable and uniquely insensitive to light. To photons as well as even electrons. All a photon of visible light can do is create an electron. The detailed chemistry is explained by 3rd party chemists elsewhere on this site. C60 is impervious to that, so any "toxicity" must come from ordinary rancidity. Olive oil, like all edible oils, develops toxic byproducts over time when exposed to light. All I can say to that is "duh!".

As I said, it's complete FUD (sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt). As I explained before, that company is preparing to launch their own lipofullerene C60-EVOO product and their aim is to have the customers of the various small C60-EVOO producers switch to their product.

56.  Cindy Zanetta Muir    Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hi, I have been taking about a 1/2 teaspoon of this for about 4 weeks now, not even daily, sometimes I forget to take it. Most of the time I add it to my smoothie. I am a 64 year old woman and have not had a menstrual cycle for over 13 years but I had a little surprise a couple of days ago and I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this! That would seem to be a reversal of aging in my opinion, just saying. I decided yesterday to start putting some on my face as well! This is the last thing I expected to have happen I must say!

57.  tekdemon    Thursday, November 24, 2016

You need to go see a physician immediately, bleeding like this in a postmenopausal woman can be an indicator for cancer.

58.  H    Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dear Sarah, thank you firstly for your prompt replies and all the information. I have some hypothetical questions.

If I were to buy a bottle:
- what is the optimal way to store?
- when is the optimal time to take the 1.5mg daily dose?
- What is the optimal period of time to take c60? Ie 3 months on 3 months off? Or 6 months on then 1 month off?

Thank you so much in advance.


59.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1. Just like any edible oil product, as cold as possible.

2. There likely exists no optimal time, and nothing is known about this.

3. There likely exists no optimal period, and nothing is known about this.

There is nothing "magical" about this product. It is not necessary to make things more complicated. It would be a good idea to thoroughly read the study (PDF on the left) and not to expect ANY detectable effects.

60.  Paul     Monday, January 23, 2017

I am currently taking activated charcoal. Do you suppose it would nullify any effect of the c60?

61.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, January 23, 2017

I suspect not, since the C60 is bound to the oil. But I am not 100% certain.

62.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lipofullerene C60 is stable until the smoke point of the oil which is 232°C or 450°F. For the rest, olive oil should best be kept cool. A few weeks in a sealed, dark bottle at the post office or in the delivery van, both at approx. room temp. is not going to make the oil rancid, esp. not since C60 is perhaps the most powerful antioxidant known to man and the original study states that they only made one batch, which was still not rancid after six years kept outside of the fridge.

63.  Dale H. (Day) Brown    Sunday, May 7, 2017

I read the FDA wont allow human trials cause "aging" is not a disease. But I am post polio, and the loss of muscle is one of the symptoms (which at 77 I can ill afford.) So, if you can find a set of post polio cases, you can test C60 on us.

64.  Dale H. (Day) Brown    Thursday, May 25, 2017

This is just for the record should I want to look it up; I started with 1/4 dose on May 23,2017. Half dose the next day. Since I am post polio, and already take a dozen different doses, I am alert to any combination reaction. If things go on normally, then I'll try the higher dosage.

Naturally, since conventional healthcare has never been useful, I've tried lotsa herbs or other alternatives, more acutely aware than most of neurological effects, perhaps tipping me off sooner and providing clues for others. At 78, I'll need benefit soon if I'm to avoid a residential care facility wheel chair.

I planted Astragalus and have begun taking it. While I hope for good effect, I can see C-60 would provide that much sooner because even if the telomeres are restored, that does not do much for radicals already on the loose. Also, C-60 can help maintain senescent cells so Telomerase aint trying to raise the dead.

65.  Mark U.    Saturday, August 26, 2017

I hear that using avocado oil or coconut oil instead of olive oil works better as the agent utilized to "carry" the C60. This was discussed in a video interview with Clif High by Sarah Westall in early August 2017. Do you have any comment on this?

66.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, August 26, 2017

It's very cheap to replicate the study, and presenting the evidence is up to those making the claim. When their Wistar rats live more than twice as long as their ordinary lifespan, we'll consider switching to whatever oil they used.

Meanwhile, we keep selling what has proven in the peer-reviewed literature to double the lifespan of rats.

67.  Sophie    Monday, September 4, 2017

Sarah, Clif High was talking about C60 in this interview which generated such a huge demand that one of your competitors has temporarily stopped accepting orders.

From 5:35 mins into this video

From 22 mins, he talks about the oil
He prefers his C60 to be dissolved in avocado oil or coconut oil.
Would you consider offering C60 in avocado oil as well as the more usual olive oil?

68.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, September 4, 2017

Hi Sophie,

We will only switch to a different type of oil when scientific research shows that this oil confers at least the same antiaging and anticancer benefits to lab rats as C60-EVOO does.

It's a misunderstanding that C60 is a separate, "dissolved" chemical in the C60-EVOO product. The product is a complex molecular soup called Lipofullerene C60, where the C60 molecules are chemically bound to the lipid chains that occur in extra virgin olive oil.

Other oils are significantly different to EVOO and since the original research was done with EVOO and yielded incredible results, we see no reason and deem it risky to change to a different type of oil, esp. because there is strong consensus that real EVOO is a healthier oil. It does not make any sense to sell an inferior, unproven product just because a few people prefer a milder taste. We would consider selling such a product an immoral act.

The chemical properties of the lipid chains are important, because it is those chains that bring the anti-free-radical Buckyball molecules into the lipid bilayers of the cells and keep them there. Since it is unknown what exact lipid molecules are optimal for that, it is a very bad idea to change them to those with unknown properties. Real EVOO contains a plethora of unique lipids. Swapping them for something that has less taste does not make scientific sense. It's irrelevant that other oils have better C60-solubility - what counts is published papers that show efficiacy at life extension in mammals.

69.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, September 4, 2017


I now am certain that the companies that sell C60 in Avocado oil and coconut oil, as well as Clif High himself, are scammers of the worst kind. Details:

70.  Day Brown    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I am Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), which is just like normal aging as a Hindu researcher said, only several times faster. I dont have time to wait for the usual anti-aging effect. I could end up totally paralyzed on a respirator with a tube up my nose in hospice care in a year or two.

So- when another problem emerges, I wanna hit it with everything I can get, and wonder what a maximum C60 dose would be and what that costs. With so much of my life on disability, I am low income.

However, the flip side of rapid decline is rapid recovery. While you mite wait for normal subjects to us C60 for months or years before you get a report, with PPS subjects, you'll get data in days or weeks. With my last attack, taking Fullerene with my other meds had me going from considering calling 911 to feeling normal the next morning.

71.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I completely disagree that PPS is comparable in any way to normal aging and I am therefore very sure that C60-EVOO will do nothing for you except waste your money, in your situation. And wasting money on useless things that could be used for useful things is actively harmful, so please do not purchase the product.

72.  Sandor    Friday, September 15, 2017

My rats will be happy! :)))

73.  paz nilo    Sunday, September 24, 2017

I just got my order and was wondering about when is best to take the dropper and if food consumption is relevant. Thank you !!

74.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, September 24, 2017

We wrote in the extended store description that food consumption is not relevant, except our suggestion based on just a mild hunch that you could add some fatty food in order to aid absobtion by generating some bile.

We also wrote that you can take it directly from the dropper into your mouth or put it on a teaspoon first.

75.  Sandor    Sunday, September 24, 2017

My C60 package came very fast to Hungary. I immediately started to get my little doses (1/3 teaspoon, but I cheated, and got a little more). On the first day I have felt a slight detox in my body, but it wasn't dramatic. On that evening on the martial art training I already felt the energy level higher, than before. My senses were crystal clear. On the second day the detox felt not good at all. A noticed a constant high energy state continuing. I am over the forth day, and I am amazed of the energy level, which is very enjoyable. I think I will consume C60 every day. It's super for me. Thanks for the fast shipping.

76.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hi Sandor,

Thank you for the endorsement but it is my honest opinion (I'm not saying this to placate the FDA or anything) that I do not believe in the "detox" effect. I am a scientist. This detox effect has not been proven. The only detox effect that has been proven on rats (included, incl. pictures of their livers, in the rat study on our site, PDF link in the left margin) is that when you inject them with a certain lethal liver-destroying chemical, the C60-olive oil prevents them from dying of massive liver damage and their livers damage only a little and then recover fully.

But that is about a deadly poison, not about "detox" in humans... I do not believe in the concept of "detox". Our C60 product has only been proven to double lifespan in rats and the only thing that you should expect from it is: (1) Unknown magnitude of slower aging due to extremely reduced damage from free radicals, (2) No NEW tumor formation over your lifetime. No evidence it helps cure cancer, ONLY PREVENTION of cancer!

Also, the rats did not sffer from any illnesses, when they died. Wistar rats usually die of tumors or pneumonia. But the treated rats all died of generalized wearing ot of their organs and basically "died in their sleep". Read the study, it's extremely interesting.

77.  Joe    Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hi Sarah! I've just received my package of C60 oil, looking forward to starting. However, I'm reading some conflicting information about the dosage on your website vs your early statements in the comments section. Could you please confirm for us in 2017, that is is indeed now "nearly two full pipettes" vs a few years ago when it was only one full dropper? I assume you may have changed dropper sizes in the preceding years? Thanks in advance :)

78.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hi Joe,

We changed bottle manufacturer (these bottles are much darker and their pipette works much better than the previous one) and what we did was use the manufacturer's value for its capacity (1 ml) in our dosing recommendation. I'll add this information to the store description.

79.  Paul    Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Am I right in saying that unopened bottles are best stored in a home refrigerator (in the region of 2c) for extended shelf life, but once opened the bottle must be kept at room temperature? Thank you

80.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Yes because when you open the bottle, air moisture will keep coming in every time, and when you then put it back into the fridge, it consensates into the bottle and when you do that many times over weeks, there can be fungal growth inside the bottle. This is extremely rare but in thousands of bottles it did happen a few times.

81.  Another Paul    Friday, November 3, 2017

Hello Sarah - I am 63 years of age.

Been taking the C-60 for about two weeks, usually the recommended 2 half-full pipettes per day, occasionally twice that. Arthritis/cartilage soreness decreasing every day, flexibility and balance improving each day. Within a few days I noticed a sudden improvement in my eyesight, with better focus and some "floaters" dissolving. This improvement has continued but not so dramatically or noticeably as on that first occasion.

Also I noticed a tremendous increase in energy generally after about a week. I have noticed that I will have one or more palpable improvements, followed by a day or two of little note - except that soreness of joints (esp. thumbs) is decreasing every day. When I *have* done twice the daily dose, I've noticed what I took to be a "healing" or "elimination" effect (slight dizziness, slight nausea that didn't come to anything - Nothing debilitating).

Thank You so very much for all the work you all do to mix up this amazing compound! I'm going to continue using C-60!

82.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, November 3, 2017

Nice to get such feedback, Paul. However I remain skeptical that our product can alleviate existing ailments. The only thing proven about it so far is tumor prevention, extreme life span extension and protection against hepatotoxic chemicals in rats.

83.  Caroline    Friday, November 3, 2017

Dosing, Duration, Detox:

About four years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.(Autoimmune disorder.)Within the last year, I have developed excruciating rheumatoid arthritis (RA.) (Also autoimmune.) I'm 5'6", 37 y/o,female and live in America.

The RA has caused crippling pain in my left hand, other aching joints, and am nearly to the point of needing surgery in my right foot due to the swelling causing bone deformity/growths. I take a ridiculous amount of ibuprofen and have periods where high steroid use is the only form of management. This isn't self-diagnosed and I am accruing the medical bills as certificates of accomplishment.

I have read everything I could find on C-60 and also watched every video from every source --- I can find. (Not nearly enough out there considering there's a Nobel Peace Prize involved, and that really is an indicator that SOMETHING is up.)

I started drinking shungite water about two months ago. Just throwing that in there as possible consideration of fullerenes in dosing. Two weeks ago
my last steroid cycle ended and the very next day, the tightening started and progressed back into the excessive ibuprofen mode to get any movement within a couple hours of waking.

I have been taking the C-60 for three days @ 1/4 dropper. Random times/stomach content/orally - w/o any thought to mixing - etc. Day One, nothing noticed. Day Two, nothing noticed initially; although I didn't take ibuprofen and didn't even think about it until this morning. Day Three, this morning - I got up and told my partner, "Hey look! My hand doesn't hurt. Just wow!!! I can even bend my fingers back! (hyper-extend without pain/injury") He asked if I had been taking the C-60. I wasn't expecting any kind of immediate result or miracle, so that's the real kicker and why I'm sharing this. It's logical to say, it's too early for any real proof.

On the "detox," I do believe there is a chance one could experience ill symptoms and that is the logic for the smaller self dosing. It's safe to say the animals used in all of these published studies aren't exposed to the same environmental exposures as humans, but rather kept in a controlled lab setting. On that note, whatever mechanism this product is causing influence would reasonably state the body is trying to find homeostasis/balance to the environment it has become accustomed to. If that statement isn't conglomerated enough, my point is - anyone that suspects a "detox" of any sort/ ill feeling symptoms, should discontinue or lower dosing until the symptoms are gone. This isn't medical advice, but use of common sense. One theory is that these buckyballs trap pathogens. If this is so and one is carrying say a viral infection, if all the pathogens were absorbed, it would take the body time to adjust and quit pumping out antibodies. Doesn't sound like an issue expect that now leaves the antibodies to attack healthy tissue. Simply, one isn't "detoxing" if they feel ill.

I appreciate the ability to participate in this experiment and the very open production process. I am not stating my body is completely healed or that I am discontinuing my medical care. However, something very different to a positive feel has happened in what seems to be synchronous with the C-60 - and in very little time.

84.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, November 3, 2017

Thank you for your elaborate testimonail, Caroline, but as a scientist I have to mention that the general concept of "detox" as is used to describe the action of food supplements is not scientific and that I do not believe in this concept. I am glad you liked our product though. But I have to be honest also, about my product. I do not think it can "detox".

85.  Steve    Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I have been taking C60 for a few weeks and I am an "extreme" runner in the sense that I am 60 and run six miles a day at a 8.5 to 9.5 minute mile. On a good day I can run a 7 minute mile for 30 minutes. The next day after taking c60 I was on the tread mill and noticed that I didn't feel the run at all. It felt easy. So, I increased my speed to a 8 minute mile and then 7. I ran at a 7 minute mile pace for 45 minutes and finished running in an hour. I had no pain or tightness afterward which is something that never happens anymore. This was what my body was like in my 40s. Also, my eczema on my arms seems to be clearing up. Normally it's red patches on my arms but now is not noticeable to the eye. I can still feel it but it's hard to see and the patches are half the size that they were. So, as an athlete and an older person, I can tell you this works. If I didn't work out I don't think I would notice anything really otehr than the skin changes. I am still wondering about that. If it goes away I'll let you know.

86.  costas    Thursday, November 16, 2017

I read in many posts that is better to quit any vitamins and supplements in general when we use c60, since c60 could create neutralization or negative reaction with the rest of vitamins. Any opinion in that? Thanks

87.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, November 16, 2017

Yes: That's complete and utter nonsense.

88.  Kathy Orringe    Friday, November 17, 2017

Greetings from New Zealand, Thanks Sarah. I received your product in a VERY short time from the other side of the world. I have taken now for two days love the taste. Such an interesting product. I love the fact that you have integrity plus!! and I am thankful the universe directed me to your Carbon c 60. THANK YOU AGAIN.

89.  Paul    Sunday, December 3, 2017

7 weeks in. Dose of almost 2 full pipettes (total just under 1 teaspoon) taken first thing in morning with breakfast.
Haven't noticed a single thing as yet, which is what I had sort of expected after reading a variety of reviews and comments. Not sure how some people can see dramatic changes in only a few days, perhaps placebo effect?

90.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, December 3, 2017

Placebo Effect, but don't underestimate the power of our unethical competitors, who use respected "gurus" as affiliates to hype up their C60-EVOO products with claims of miracles (and they themselves promise miracles on their sites and publish fake "testimonials" on such miracles) and then they all sell out because they're just bandwagon-jumpers without a serious production labs like we have, and then thousands of people buy from us, of which many people believe those wild miracle claims, and some of those people then post here about beneficial effects they noticed. It's all Placebo Effect, correct.

People won't spend a dime on living decades longer in good health. They want instant miracles, and they want it now. But we keep telling them: There will be no miracles - all we claim is that our product is made the same way as in the rat trial, where rats were protected against liver-toxic chemicals, were "immune" to cancer and lived roughly twice as long in good health. This is so "boring" that really noone is interested in such a product! They want to get cured of their ailments or win Olympic races!

91.  Paul    Monday, December 4, 2017

Thanks Sarah for the honesty.
Out of interest, Have you noticed a big increase in orders over the last quarter?

92.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, December 4, 2017

Yes we have. The reason is that Clif High claimed all kinds of miracles for the product, and since we're the only professional manufacturer (as well as the first, 6 years ago), all the folks who had recently jumped the bandwagon with their magnetic stirrers and their fraudulent claims and clinically unproven oils ran out of stock and they seem to struggle in keeping up with demand. We use a 30,000 dollar bespoke mixer from MixerDirect and we mix 25 gallons at a time. We run a permanently, professionally staffed (pharmaceutical degree!) real production lab here under state inspection and licensing, mixing under total darkness, using real Cretan olive oil not some magnetic tabletop stirrers in a backroom. Our mixer weighs 900 lbs and needed a specially made power (electric) connection. Our glass bottles are totally black, no phtalate contamination or light inducing chemical changes. No wonder people prefer to buy from us. We prove where we source our C60 from (Solaris in Canada). We show pictures of many canisters of Cretan oil, pics of our mixer etc. People trust us and like I said, we seem to be the only ones able to keep up with demand.

93.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, December 4, 2017

I forgot to say that after Clif High's promotion of his commercial partners' C60-oil products, people started to search for C60 oil and they found all those lies and fake testimonials from our unethical competitors, but those competitors were sold out rapidly. So then we got all those people, being promised miracles by those gangsters, while the gangsters could not sell - only promise miracles. They needed weeks to produce new product. So we sold to all those people instead. Then those people spread the news that we were reliable and had the best product (based on our extensive info and disclosure) so it became a self-reinforcing thing.

Also, we don't lie, don't promise miracles and we don't publish fake testimonials. People are not stupid. Also, we're more or less the cheapest, since we produce it in a low wage country, where we are based (also low postage) and we don't believe in high profit margins. We're in it for the long haul, not to make a quick buck with promising miracle cures with a dodgy product (ONLY Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been proven in a clinical setting to nearly double the lifespan of rats and completely prevent them from getting cancer as well as protect their livers from hepatotoxic chemicals).

94.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, December 4, 2017

(I meant, only C60 chemically bonded to the lipids in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, resulting in a compound called Lipofullerene C60). It's a common misconception that the C60 is "dissolved" into the oil. It forms strong chemical bonds with the lipids in the oil, and those lipids end up sitting for months in your cell walls and mitochondrial wall, neutralizing free radicals.

That's why it's so important to use EVOO and not some weird oil in an attempt to be "special" or dissolve the C60 faster or achieve a higher concentration. You don't know whether it will work or even whether it will be healthy. We stick to the peer-reviewed published science. We don't experiment with the health of our customers.

95.  Paul    Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Thanks Sarah

96.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Of course it's the C60, molecularly attached to those EVOO lipids that do the actual neutralizing of the free radicals (Reactive Oxygen Species, ROS), the C60 molecule is a universal, recyclable, multi-electron reservoir for free electron acceptance and donating missing electrons. Both repairs DNA- as well as cell damage.

97.  Christine Luft    Monday, January 8, 2018

I took a course of C60 in September and started another in the beginning of January. In September, I lost 20 lbs while changing nothing in my exercise or diet. Once again, in January, the moment I started taking C60 again, I started losing weight. It's 3 lbs down in the last week! I can't find anything online that discusses weight loss as an intended or side effect of C60, but I have noticed that this seems to occur and stops about a month after I stop taking the product and starts immediately upon resuming the product.

I am morbidly obese and have struggled all my adult life to try to lose weight. This is amazing, and it was completely unexpected. I suspect that it has something to do with C60's ability to effect mitochondrial repair - mitochondrial damage is linked with obesity. Of course, most doctors think that it's obesity that causes mitochondrial damage, but the fact that I've lost weight after repairing mitochondria suggests that perhaps the causal link is backwards.

Thank you so much for making this product. I will continue to purchase it when I can afford to.

98.  Cole    Saturday, January 13, 2018

A bottle a day x 7 days keeps the doctor away. ( no ill effects pour moi ).......I know,'s only anecdotal........ Your product is pure gold.

99.  Cole    Saturday, January 13, 2018

The DVM type that is. The mammalian recipient loves the crisp taste.

100.  Harry    Monday, January 15, 2018

I am in my middle 70's and I suffer from COPD. Will this help in any way?

101.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, January 15, 2018

Nope. It won't help with ANYTHING, in spite of the false claims made by our competitors. The only benefits that have been proven in rats are:

1. Extreme slowdown of aging, likely (partially) due to greatly reduced free radical damage. Humans, unlike rats, can certainly NOT expect to live twice as long as rats though!

2. Complete prevention of tumor formation (prevention of cancer). It is likely that this also will occur, to a greater or lesser degree, in humans. The product certainly will NOT shrink existing tumors!

3. Very strong protection against certain hepatotoxic (liver-toxic) chemicals. This does NOT mean that the product helps keeping alcoholics' livers healthy!

As you see, the above has NOTHING to do with improving existing disease and CERTAINLY will not cause ANY noticeable feeling of increased well-being. Dying slower still means you're going to die eventually, and still means that you will feel WORSE as the years go by! (only slower). Miracles don't exist yet, sorry. Not even targeted medicines cure disease - they merely suppress symptoms.

But a product that has been proven, in mammals, to completely PREVENT cancer and makes them live twice as long and make them immune to lethal chemicals is worth making available to the public, in spite of the fact that it does NOT turn you into Superman. No other such product exists. There is no reason to embellish (further) miracles onto it for increased sales in our opinion.

102.  Rohen    Thursday, January 18, 2018

Have bought some for my pet dog. She's currently 13 and a half anyway which for a doberman is pretty good. She weighs about 35 kg so I guess the dosing is half a pipette a day. As for the mitochondrial stuff, I have poor mitochondrial function in my pet 85kg mammalian who is suffering with energy production which is why I bought some for that pet too. It will be interesting to find out if the dog perks up and if the mammalian also perks up. As for comment 97 I'd be overjoyed if this also happened, because my mammalian needs to lose lots of bodyfat. I am happy that the product arrived 8 days post order so thank you. I had previously used you for Lufenuron which was an interesting experience. I will report back in a week or two and see if things have changed. Thanks once again for providing this.

103.  Harry    Thursday, January 18, 2018

Please tell me in ounces or dropper. how much dosage should I and my wife take per day? Please not in ml. I weigh 230 lbs and my wife weighs 129 lbs.

104.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, January 18, 2018

The final sentence of this article, as well as the extended store description of the product states a recommended dose in terms of dropper contents.

105.  Harry    Friday, January 19, 2018

Can I mix this with other supplements I take?

106.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, January 19, 2018

Of course. There is nothing super-special about this product, that it somehow turns other chemicals into poison or is turned by other chamicals into poison or neutralizes chemicals etc. All it does is donates/accepts electrons to/from free radicals (ROS, reactive Oxygen Species). There is no cytochrome involvement, no liver/kidney load, no chemical reactivity of any kind. The product behaves like ordinary olive oil, chemically and metabolically speaking. It's effect is "electronic" in the sense that all it does is neutralize electric charges on molecules in the form of electron holes or free electrons, in order to prevent cellular damage.

107.  Roland Deem    Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hi, i read that certain compounds can boost the potency for C60 up to 500 times, but i do not know what they are. It is siggested to eat an apple minutes after ingesting the C60 because it produces hydrogen in the gut. Do you have any other advise on what compounds work best with C60?

108.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, January 31, 2018

These claims are ridiculous nonsense, spread by our criminal competitors.

109.  Daniel McCarville    Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hello Sarah,

My wife and I have received our 3rd shipment of C60 from Vaughter Wellness and began taking it the middle of 2017. This time 15 bottles. We just can't, in good conscience, keep it to ourselves so we've given several bottles to our children and friends along with a PDF of the rat study.

With regard to your customers who claim to be experiencing immediate "positive effects," I agree with your position that it's probably placebo effect. I've come to greatly respect your opinion on such matters and that's why I'm perplexed by the fact that I'm seeing a noticeable improvement in my long and short-term memory. As mentioned, we've been taking C60 since around July, 2017 and I've found that I'm able to recall things like actor's names, movie titles, where I've set my car keys etc, where as before, it was beginning to worry me. There seems to be about a 40% improvement. I have not changed anything in the way of
supplementation, sleep or exercise, except for the addition of C60. And by the way, I'll be 63 in June. Obviously, there's no way to know whether C60 is responsible for the improvement but theoretically, by what mechanism
might C60 be responsible for improving memory other than just general reduction of one's toxic load? Would it work by the same mechanism as any other antioxidant?

Lastly, Will your C60 ever be available in a larger size?

Thanks for your terrific product and answering my questions, Sarah.


Dan McCarville
Los Angeles CA

110.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hi Daniel,

There have been many educated guesses as to why Lipofullerene C60 may nearly double the lifespan of rats and AFAIK the only provably true statement on the subject is that it's the best antioxidant imaginable. It's perfect in every way:

(1) Bioavailability where it counts - in the lipid bilayers of the cells and mitochondria, so that reactive Oxygen species (ROS) get neutralized before they reach the RNA ("our Chromosomes"). Lipofullerene is a lipid-soluble antioxidant like vit. E, not like vit. C.

(2) The compound remains in the cell walls for MONTHS. It's a cumulative substance with a very long biological half time. It is only extremely slowly eliminated. Meaning, relatively slow doses, built up over time, keep doing their work. I'ts not like you need large doses every day.

(3) When doing its antioxidative job, Lipofullerene C60 does not get "used up" like for ex. vit. C gets used up.

(4) C60 is a UNIVERSAL antioxidant in the sense that it can uniquely both accept as well as DONATE electrons. So when there's potential damage to proteins or RNA/DNA threatened by an excessive electron in an outer shell, that would break important molecular bonds apart, it can remove it, but when similar damage is threatened bec. there is an electron LACKING in a ROS, potentially ripping an electron out of the outer shell of an atom that's part of say a RNA strand or a protein, then C60 can ALSO prevent that.

(5) The antioxidative modalities in (4) are "extraordinarily powerful" as well in the sense that a single C60 molecule can do this SEVERAL TIMES, since it has "space" for several extra electrons or several electron "holes". In practice, it's constantly being "charged" and "discharged" at random, doing its antioxidative job. So it's infinitely working an an antioxidant for months until you finally pood it out ("eliminated via the feces", lol).

Now, just a person's ordinary metabolism (the incredibly complex pathway of turning Glucose into ATP for ex.) produces a lot of oxidative stress that constantly damages random molecules in the cells. As we age, this damage gets harder to repair - exponentially so.

Many biochemical processes in our bodies, esp. when we've aged, produce/expose us to free radicals - even BREATHING. There is a hypothesis that 1 to 2% of lung cancer is caused by the oxidative properties of some forms of Oxygen in the air. Atomic Oxygen sometimes forms/occurs in small amounts.

So, just the process of simply LIVING, as an older person, causes constant oxidative damage that gets exponentially worse bec. the damage done over time is not 100% repairable (esp. not with unhealthy lifestyles over decades) and the more oxidative stress done (damaged, thus disfunctional proteins that can't be eliminated in a % of cases), the harder it gets to repair, since you'll end upwith more and more "dead tissue" that is too bulky, molecularly speaking, to be broken up and eliminated/recycled. Glycosylation is also an example of that but oxidative stress does that too.

There are many other ways how ongoing oxidative stress, just from being older and simply being alive, more and more interferes with general wellbeing by interfering with fundamental, essential biochemical pathways, processes. If you'd suddenly cut that oxidative stress in half or even less than half, I'd imagine you'd start to feel better in many ways - ways that previously were affected by "toxins" (damaged molecules that sabotage proper biochemistry). So you'd notice positive effects rather quickly. The older you'd be and the more iussues you'd have with oxidative stress, esp. if you'd be genetically predisposed to having some organs being more prone to that, for ex.

My 2 cents. The Buckminsterfullerene C60 molecule has been a very exciting discovery for decades already and the outcome of the rat toxicology trial was a huge surprise. What we need is a replication study with larger groups of animals, since the result was absolutely incredible. If the study was "real" (but we have no evidence of malfeasance), it's very likely that the substance will add many healthy years to a human's life as well, and this would make it worth much more than its weight in gold (currently, C60 is a bit cheaper than gold).

111.  Harry    Saturday, February 3, 2018

Would you please tell me in layman language how much should be taken (ounces, spoon full or drops please) for a man 229 pounds and a woman 128 pounds. I know it's a dumb question, but I don't do the other measuring system.

112.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, February 3, 2018

One full pipette ("dropper") a day. It's mentioned in our store, in the description for the product. And it's mentioned in bold, in the final sentences of this article.

113.  Daniel McCarville    Sunday, February 18, 2018

Thank You Sarah. As always, Your response was extremely helpful.

Dan & Mary McCarville
Los Angeles, CA

114.  glenn kalkstein    Sunday, February 18, 2018

I have taken c60 for 3 months and noticed that I was not exhausted after my typical 6 hour drive. I did not need a nap to recover and my mental awareness was not degraded. A welcome and very noticeable improvement.
Another interesting development regards my early overexposure to the sun. The skin on part of my ear lobe is very rough and on the other ear, cells were removed by my dermatologist and it is so rough that it is difficult to sleep on that side. Creams and salves did nothing until i began touching a slight amount of c60 to the area. Both areas are almost completely healed.

115.  bob pitcher    Wednesday, March 7, 2018

1.7 mg/kg = 119 mg/70 kg. It's simple math.

116.  Carey Sayer    Monday, April 9, 2018

Hi Sarah

Can you please give dosing amounts in millilitres? 'Full pipettes' seems open to interpretation.

As a minimum please state the number of ml in your pipette.



117.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, April 9, 2018

It's very prominently mentioned, as one of the first sentences, in bold, in our store, I quote:

1.5 mg/day, which is approx. one full pipette (you should fill half of the pipette, twice).

118.  Thomas Wolke    Thursday, April 12, 2018

Just wondering if the olive oil will grow bacteria, fungi, mold or other possible pathogens if not refrigerated. And do you filter your batches before bottling?

119.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, April 12, 2018

We had some very rare reports of fungus developing in bottles that were regularly opened and then stored in the fridge for a month or longer. We discovered that this is caused by condensation developing inside the bottles, which introduces water into the oil, and on the oil-water interface, fungus can develop. So, store only unopened bottles in the fridge or freezer if you want to greatly extend their expiry date but when you actually start taking the oil, keep it outside the fridge.

Yes we filter the oil.

120.  Bj    Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hi Sarah, I must say you appear to have the patience of a saint. The amount of times in this blog alone, you answer the same questions beggars belief. I'm just rereading all of them as I just placed my second order (1st order in Feb 2018) of 3 bottles, I've been taking a teaspoon full a day since then with nothing noticeable, also my cook has been doing the same dose, (she's the one I'll keep an eye on as she suffers from everything), I'm 90 kgs and don't need to know how much to take! HAHA.Keep up the good work & I'll post again in 50 years when I'm 120years old. Unless something dramatic happens in the meantime. All the Best.

121.  Irene Bridges    Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sarah, thank you for our c60 which arrived in 14 days to Australia. Can you please tell me if you know whether c60 in olive oil crosses the blood brain barrier.

122.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, April 25, 2018

In order for a chemical to easily and significantly cross the bbb, its molecule has to be both lipid-soluble and have a molecular mass below 500 Daltons (nucleons). Even when you take the mass of the lipid chains, bound to the C60 out of consideration, one Carbon atom is 12 Daltons, so C60 is 720 Daltons. The molar mass of a single Oleic acid strand is 282 Daltons, yielding a total possible minimum of 1002 Daltons.

This means that C60-EVOO does not easily cross the Blood-Brain Barrier. Only very small amounts will reach the brain Parenchyma, compared to the rest of the organs.

There are always exceptions to any rule and in this case, when the bbb is inflamed (the bbb is made out of the cappilary bloodvessel lining cells), it is much more open to the passing of large molecules. This is the case in Lyme disease (neuroborreliosis), Encephalitis etc.

Also, since very small amounts of C60-olive oil do pass the bbb and the substance has an enormously long tissue half time, we can not discount that it is biologically active in the brain. But Cliff Highs claim "It crosses the blood brain barrier" is patently false. If you'd explain any relevant expert what the molecular formula of the product is, he'd be able to tell you that it would HARDLY pass the bbb under normal circumstances. It has been detected in the brain of test animals, but IIRC this was C60 dissolved in water, and only at a twelve times (IIRC) lesser concentration than in the rest of the body.

123.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, April 25, 2018

C60 in H2O has a much smaller molecule but it is not lipid-soluble, so C60-EVOO will penetrate roughly guesstimated about the same, since it is lipid-soluble (as well as free C60 is very lipid-soluble).

124.  Roy    Saturday, May 5, 2018

Dear Sarah

I have read all of your web pages and all of the discussion threads on them. Thank you for your honest advice and for producing high quality C60 in olive oil at a reasonable price.

The only thing I need to clarify is, regarding your dosage suggestions, copied & pasted below, can you let me know what 1.5mg is in ml. I am using a 5ml / 2.5ml plastic teaspoon to take the C60. The conversion from mg to ml depends upon the liquid involved, so that is why I ask.

Thank you.

Best regards


125.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Based on equivalency allometric dosing calculations extrapolating from rats to average-weight humans, our recommended dose is 1.5 mg/day.


There is 40 mg C60 in a 50 ml bottle of oil. So if you take 1.5 mg C60/day, one bottle should last 40 / 1.5 = 26.66 days, rounded down due to oil residue to 26 days.


50 ml / 26.66 = 1.88 ml per dose.


If you squeeze the dropper fully and release it to suck up the oil, it is filled to approx. 1 ml. This means that when you do this twice and empty them both in your food, your mouth or a teaspoon, you've dosed a total of roughly 1.88 ml, since some of the oil remains stuck to the inside walls of the dropper. The exact dosage depends on many factors and it is irrelevant, especially since we don't know the optimal dose for humans anyway. The dosage recommendation is an educated guess, but a wild one.


When you suck up a full dropper dose twice to obtain the recommended dose, a bottle should last 26 days.
So when you suck up the oil twice, you've sucked up approx. 2 ml of oil and achieved our recommended dosage of 1.5 mg C60 that day. After 26 days, you'll have sucked up all the oil. If it lasts significantly longer, you're not aspiring enough oil and the oil may be too cold to flow nicely. You'll have to let it sink down in the dropper a bit longer and repeatedly push it out. Do not store the opened bottle you're using in the fridge for that reason.

126.  Mr F    Thursday, May 31, 2018


Just to say a big thanks, my order to the UK arrived far earlier than expected in just 5 days! (that's before Brexit happens though...still waiting to know what it will be like after that :)

127.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, May 31, 2018

We've been an online store for the past ten years and in that period, we saw transit times increase tremendously, especially when it's winter/early spring in the Northern Hemisphere and especially to Australia, Canada, the UK and US. Transit times of up to three months happen during those times in those countries (esp. the US and Canada).

We're under the impression that USPS is on the verge of collapse and simply delays processing from certain countries, that Australia Post turned chaotic/unreliable and that Canada somehow needs ages to do their customs clearance. And things also slow down a lot in Europe, in winter. This was never an issue six, seven years ago.

128.  Clint Richardson    Friday, June 15, 2018

Got my order. Thank You. How much do I have to order to ensure I get assigned a tracking number?

Also C-60 works on mycotoxins !!!

I am so pumped as I was poisoned by mold.

129.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, June 15, 2018

The equivalent of USD 100 or above. A tracking nr. is useless however in terms of speed of transit or obtaining a refund in case it does not arrive. Refunds are ALWAYS given if it does not arrive - we believe people on their word. Automatic tracking is automatically added for certain "risky" addresses though, and we charge $7 for that.

130.  H Sig    Friday, July 20, 2018


Is it possible that C-60 could possibly be the cause of eye floaters appearing in the eyes (floaters: shadows falling onto the retina off random protein strands inside the eye)?

131.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, July 20, 2018

No, I do not see any conceivable manner how that would be possible.

132.  Sonia    Friday, July 27, 2018

Hi Sarah, I have now been on the C60 for 4 years. As an anti ageing and epigenetics researcher I am surprised how many others have never heard of it. It appears everyone is still stuck on expensive Telomerase stimulants. Every now and then I stop for a month and really notice the difference. It is not the only product that works but it is one I will not be without. It arrives in Australia so fast these days, no issues with customs! thank you once again.

133.  Vera    Friday, October 26, 2018

I purchased 4 bottles of c60 in the summer and have been using your adequately explained dosage on the bottle that says"suggested daily dose 1 full dropper/day fill half full twice" ever since. I bought it because of a hip injury that got mildly arthritic and painful particularly after exercise. I am active so I thought if c60 might be able to do some scavenging around that hip joint and help. And it did. It took about 3 months but I can run and play tennis again without being hobbled the next day. My chiropractor is impressed too.
Now I am giving it to my dog because she gets bladder stones. Just found out. Just trying to prevent crystal from forming in her urine so this does not happen again. Hope c60 can do that.
She loves the flavor btw.

I am grateful I found you and your website and I thank you very much.

134.  Liz    Friday, October 26, 2018

Hi Sarah.

The oil has been left untouched in the refrigerator a couple of months since I got them. Should take my first dose today, but discovered that the oil has crystallized. Is it normal? Can I use it anyway? Should I leave the oil at room temperature first?

135.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, October 26, 2018

Olive oil solidifies at low temperatures so you should let it warm up or the dropper will clog up.

136.  Liz    Friday, October 26, 2018

Thank you for the quick reply ! The oil is not only thick, its as there are larger clear bits of crystals in the oil...

137.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, October 26, 2018

Correct. Olive oil contains many different "fractions" of various lipid chain lengths, all with different melting points. Olive oil is a mixture of hundreds of lipids with different chemical formulas, all with their own melting points. The ones with the highest melting points solidify first, they precipitate out of solution and since this starts with those fractions of identical molecular weight and proceeds in stages as the mixture cools down, they crystallize out.

So this is completely normal and a sign that you're dealing with real EVOO. If the oil would not be doing this in the fridge, this would be a reason to demand your money back because it would mean we've been scamming you and selling you cheap supermarket fake-EVOO:

138.  Liz    Friday, October 26, 2018

Sarah: Thank you so much for such a detailed explanation!

139.  Lennart    Saturday, December 15, 2018

A tweet today from Clif High (I know you think he is a scammer):

Due to demand, C60 now in short supply prompting foreign manufacturers to use C60 cut with GLASS! Be very WARY of cheap C60 during this period.

USA manufacturers forming a C60 reactor consortium to produce pure source for USA producers.
WARNING: C60 GLASS Contaminants

I replied:
Fear mongering if you don't provide evidence. Or at least your sources.

Do you have a comment? Is C60 short in supply?

140.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, December 15, 2018

No, on the contrary, C60 is very plentiful and every manufacturer has kilos of the stuff in stock. We buy from Solaris in Canada, who produces it in a University there.

The reason that "Cliff High" lies about this is that he gets commission from US-based vendors of C60-in-oil, and we're neither in the US, nor will we pay a dime to him to promote our product.

And since we're by far the biggest seller in the space, and since nearly all our buyers are in the US, "Cliff High" would tremendously increase his profits if he'd manage to scare those US customers away from our product.

We use the absolute best ingredients. The bottles come from the Dutch Miron, the C60 from the Canadian Solaris Chem, and our olive oil is from verified producers in Portugal and Crete who really grow, harvest and extract the oil themselves and do not cut with other oils. We now have an actual Portuguese guy coming over in a truck right after the Portuguese olive harvest and he drives a metric ton of perhaps the world's best oil to us!

141.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, December 15, 2018

The product that is in short supply is the actual product MADE from the C60 and a vegetable oil. Because it takes weeks to dissolve! And the larger the mixing vessel you use, the slower that goes! So you either have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a high-tech mixer (we paid $30,000) or you have to use flasks and magnetic/overhead stirrers and your output is a tiny fraction of ours and you won't be able to handle demand. Although demand is down sharply since Cliff's promotion - this cuts into his profits and makes the C60 raw powder plentiful, since the C60 producers wanted to be ahead of the demand curve.

"Cliff High" would not be "Cliff High" if he wouldn't be able to come up with some more lies to increase his bottom line. How on Earth would C60 be "cut with glass?" Who would do that, cut it with something that does not dissolve in oil? He had to make up something that really scares people, I guess glass was the best he could come up with.

142.  Matt    Sunday, December 16, 2018

I find it difficult to verify the dosages you mention for the rats. This is what the article says regarding the rats undergoing toxicity tests:

"2.3. Chronic toxicity and effects of C60 on survival of rats
Three groups of 6 rats (10 months old, weighing 465 ± 31 g) were administered daily for one week, then weekly until the end of the second month and then every two weeks until the end of the 7th month, by gavages with 1 ml of water or olive oil or C60 dissolved in olive oil (0.8 mg/ml), respectively."

In other words, the rats subjected to C60 for several months did not receive 4 mg/kg bw but rather 0.8 mg/kg bw. This translates to 24 dosages of about 16 mg each, for a 70kg human (or ~1.8 mg per day for 7 months) according to allometric scaling using the 465 mg average rat weight.

Please verify. Thank you.


143.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, December 16, 2018

I never claimed that the rats received 4 mg/kg body weight. Read the article again...

144.  Matt    Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sorry. You claimed 1.7 mg: "The rats were given 1.7 mg/kg body weight 24 times in a 7-month period." That's about twice my result.

145.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, December 16, 2018

And I am correct and you are incorrect.

As you say, the rats received 1 ml of C60-EVOO, in which 0.8 mg of C60 was dissolved. One rat weighed 465 gram. So they received (1000 / 465) * 0.8 = 1.72 mg/kg body weight of C60.

146.  Matt    Sunday, December 16, 2018

Hah, I multiplied instead of dividing! How silly. You are correct of course.

Thank you, I've seen conflicting dosages from different sites so I figured I'd verify it myself. Glad that worked out, in the end anyway! :D


147.  Kristina    Friday, January 25, 2019

Hello and thank you for all your feedback to the questions. I just had a quick question regarding dosage. If two full droppers are the suggested dose per day, does that mean we technically take 4 droppers a day since they only fill up halfway when you fill it? Just wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing as I start the process. And thank you in advance.

148.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, January 25, 2019

This is unambiguously and clearly explained in many places on our site, including on the actual store page for the product:

"one full pipette (you should fill half of the pipette, twice)."

149.  KIM    Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Being quite new to C-60 and having just received my order in a very quick fashion, I am quite pleased with all the research material and proof as explained on Sarah Vaughter's website.

Having done a search on C-60 from two other websites I definitely went with All because of the immediate responses Sarah gives to each individuals asking information.

The many documentations regarding all products listed on gives me an educated choice!
The corrections Sarah personally gives a "heads up" info that the other competitors are claiming.

My vote and obvious orders go to Sarah Vaughter's website.

Classy responses and informative truth can go a very long way!

150.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Thank you, Kim.

I have what used to be called Asperger's or "High-functioning Autism" and the lord knows what the PC term for it is now, so I often am not that classy but perceived as rude, esp. when I get irritated by all the crazy claims spread by bandwagon-jumping competing vendors of this product, but I'm doing my best :-)