Human dosing vs. rat dosing

You can buy our C60-olive oil solution for your pet rats so that they will likely live nearly twice as long. We can't recommend you taking it yourself, because that would be a criminal offense, as we have been told by our attorney. We'd be closed down by the FDA, this domain would be confiscated, the site shut down, our premises raided, our computers confiscated and us fined or sent to prison. So please don't take it yourself. Actually, don't give it to your rats either, because we are not even sure that suggestion is legal. We are not licensed veterinarians. You can, however, use our Buckyball-olive oil mixture to lubricate your aging sewing machine with. That is perfectly legal says our attorney. At least for the time being, until C60 becomes a restricted "nanoparticle" substance, as part of a new "nanomaterials licensing law" or something.

But just for hypothesis sake. Let's say you would buy the C60 oil for your rats but then you'd change your mind and want to take it yourself anyway. How much would most likely be a sufficient daily dose?

The rats were given 1.7 mg/kg body weight 24 times in a 7-month period.

The rats weighed on average 600 grams.

Using allometric scaling, we get the following results for a human being weiging 70 kilo (154 lbs.):

A person weighing 70 kilo should get a dose of 36.208 mg 24 times in a 7-month period, which translates to 4 mg/day if the dose is taken daily instead of once every nine days, as with the rats.

And that person should take that dose every day for 15 years, as that is 20% of the average lifetime of a person. Seven months is 20% of the average lifetime of the rats used in the study.

However, there is not much reason to believe that this dose of 4 mg/day is required to enjoy the beneficial effect. The rat study's goal was to find toxic effects, not establish medicinal properties.

There is for example the anecdotal report from someone who took a single 2 mg dose and said that 4 hours after taking it, he could run 3 km, something he had not been able to do for ten years.

Since humans will take this substance every day, year after year, we think it is reasonable to recommend 1.5 mg/day, slightly more than a third (37.5%) of the dose used, allometrically, in the rat study. Then there would still be up to a thousand C60 molecules at the disposal of every mitochondrion in the body.

We sell bottles with 45 mg C60 dissolved in 50 ml olive oil. 45 / 1.5 = 30 days. So one bottle would last a person one month, taking exactly one full eye-dropper pipette supplied with the bottle. Some pipettes do not work well. In that case, use a third to half of a teaspoon. It is unknown what the optimal dose is, so exact dosing is not important.

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