Ganesha herbs sells fake C60

Diego Seliman runs an online store called "Ganesha Herbs" and he used to sell there counterfeit products such as our C60 in olive oil, but since we demanded him to cease & desist, he only sells his fake oil, but using our illegally copied text and images, on eBay as seller "ganeshaherbs". Presumably because he fears his website being taken down for Copyright/Trademark violations if he sells it directly from his own store.

We've asked him many times, over many days, to stop doing this but he kept refusing. He used to resell our genuine C60 at a 300% markup but when we stopped selling to him due to his extreme rudeness, he simply started to sell a fake product, using all our text and images, pretending it was still our product:

Diego threatened that if we would expose him, that he would damage our reputation. At the time of writing, according to eBay's sales figures for the product, he sold nearly 400 bottles, making over 10,000 illicit dollars. We called eBay's fraud detection service on 866-643-1607 but they were not interested and did not want to know the offending URL's. We also sent a DMCA takedown request to and but they did not email us back or take down the offending content.