1000 mg/kg/day of C60 has been proven to be non-toxic in this clinical study. The famous French (Baati) C60 rat toxicity study that showed a 90% lifespan increase used a few times times higher dose than our recommendation, 0.02 mg/kg/day (half a million times less than 1000 mg/kg/day).


The Baati study rats took only 24 doses during their entire lifetime, over a period of just 7 months and 24 doses only, starting when they were 10 months old. The increase in lifespan is officially 90% (almost twice as old!) but in reality it would be even higher, because Dr. Fathi Moussa admitted recently that they killed the last surviving rat when it was 5.5 years old because they wanted to wrap up the study. There is no substance that prolongs the life of mammals longer than C60 in olive oil. Not even the most expensive supplements such as Resveratrol come remotely close, and neither are those supplements supported by such solid evidence as the Baati study.

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The color of the Carbon-60 in olive oil

It is extremely hard to photograph the deep ruby red color of the Buckminsterfullerene C60 dissolved in olive oil, because the oil is much too dark to look red on a photograph.

We put a lamp behind an Erlenmeyer that had been mixing C60 for a week:

But it doesn’t do the color justice, as we had to brighten the picture in order to see anything at all, as the photo became very dark because we put a lamp shining at the camera. The red colors found online are of C60 dissolved in water, it’s much harder to show it in oil. The real color of the wall in the above picture is yellow, we just were not able to get the lighting conditions such that the color would show up. In reality, the oil is a very dark deep ruby red. The light behind it is a halogen lamp.

When you take a smaller, centrifuged and filtered amount, the color looks brown:

There are several C60-in-olive-oil  pioneers on the Longecity forum who are mixing their own Buckyballs into oil and they had the same experience. As soon as you take a small quantity of the oil, it looks brown.

This is the same oil after one week of mixing (still with plenty of suspended C60 particles so it’s more brown than red.)

The olive oil is yellow/greenish (extra virgin oil contains chlorophyll) so a purely red color is unattainable.

This is the color after two weeks of stirring and the centrifuge stage (we filled off a small centrifuge tube so that the color became visible in front of a lamp):

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