Clif High - PurplePower - LiveLongerLabs C60 scam

Since we were the first to manufacture and sell C60 in olive oil, many scammers have jumped on the bandwagon, promoting adulterated or unproven products with lies and promises of miracles.

We recently experienced a surge in orders from people who were told by Clif High to buy from one of our unethical competitors, someone who does not even use Extra Virgin Olive Oil but Avocado oil or coconut oil, oils completely unproven in clinical research. Livelongerlabs has a very long page full of fake reviews. How do we know that the reviews are fake? We've been selling this product for over five years, and we are by far the largest manufacturer and vendor, still selling at the time of this writing, when all competitors have sold out due to Clif's hype. Firstly, this product does not make you notice anything, so all genuine positive reviews are due to the Placebo effect, and publishing those few genuine ones, even when true to the one making the claim, is therefore unethical. Secondly, such positive reviews are rare - we've received very few reviews where people claimed that the product performed the medical miracles one finds by the dozens on LiveLongerLab's scammy site. And certainly, those people would not want us to publish their full name.

So the vendor Clif endorses claims all kinds of miracles for his clinically unproven product, in order to sell as much as possible, with Clif High getting comission for his marketing efforts. ALL claims made by LiveLongerLabs about the properties of the product itself are FALSE. Lipofullerene C60 does NOT cross the blood-brain barrier, it does NOT rapidly leave the body, NO "Oxygen radicals" have been added to the molecule, etc. etc. It's all nonsense they're peddling to hype their extremely overpriced product. They use the term "nano" for no reason - there is no "nano" involved in C60 olive oil! The YouTube video where Clif High (who claims the Moon is an artificial hollow object - he's a "make money online" scammer who seeks out and preys on the gullible), yet another grey-bearded self-appointed guru who makes unethical money online spouts his commercial hype:

(This is how Clif High markets himself)

Our debunking of some of the hype and nonsense:

I'm glad Clif High shed some positive light on C60-EVOO but most of what he claims is complete nonsense:

1. The rats were not "all euthanised", except for one, because it lived for nearly six years and the scientists wanted to round off the study so they could publish the article. There is a rumor they killed TWO final surviving rats.

2. Extra virgin olive oil was used because it is a good solvent for C60, not because rats like to eat it.

3. The other rats were not "fed on corn", in fact all rats received the same standardized lab rat food and the C60-EVOO rats were injected peritoneally with the C60-EVOO solution. (So, NOT into their bloodstream but absorbed from their stomach cavity into their systems like if they were eating it).

4. No radiation experiments were done with those C60-EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) rats. Rat experiments were however done with different groups of rats and C60-EVOO fully protected them against lethal levels of hepatotoxic chemicals. The claim that it protects against radiation is a tactic to sell to people who fear Fukushima radiation.

5. The rats lived very significantly longer than merely one third. They lived to 95% extra of their natural lifespans - nealy a DOUBLING of their lifespan.

6. It's not accurate to say that C60 "pulls toxins". C60 does no such thing. C60 is a truly universal antioxidant, being able to accept as well as donate multiple electrons indefinitely without degrading itself. So it nearly completely protects against free radicals of all types by electrically neutralizing the free radical molecules - forever. The biological half-time of C60-EVOO is extremely long (months) so as with the rats, it's not necessary to take it all the time.

7. There is absolutely NO "detox". In fact, one will notice no "detox effects" whatsoever, since all C60 does is completely stop free radical damage, and that can not be "felt". Neither can the non-occuring of tumor formation be felt. Or the protection of the liver against hepatotoxic chemicals.

8. It IS a good idea to start taking the product when you're young, because young people are just as exposed to free radicals as older people.

9. It is a very bad idea to use any other oil than olive oil! We will only switch to a different type of oil when scientific research shows that this oil confers at least the same antiaging and anticancer benefits to lab rats as C60-EVOO does. The reason unethical competitors disparage the original, honest products is because they need a "unique and better" product, and the perfect scam is to claim that the original product is "bad" and theirs is "improved".

It's a misunderstanding that C60 is a separate, "dissolved" chemical in the C60-EVOO product. The product is a complex molecular soup called Lipofullerene C60, where the C60 molecules are chemically bound to the lipid chains that occur in extra virgin olive oil.

Other oils are significantly different to EVOO and since the original research was done with EVOO and yielded incredible results, we see no reason and deem it risky to change to a different type of oil, esp. because there is strong consensus that real EVOO is a healthier oil. It does not make any sense to sell an inferior, unproven product just because a few people prefer a milder taste. We would consider selling such a product an immoral act.

The chemical properties of the lipid chains are important, because it is those chains that bring the anti-free-radical Buckyball molecules into the lipid bilayers of the cells and keep them there. Since it is unknown what exact lipid molecules are optimal for that, it is a very bad idea to change them to those with unknown properties. Real EVOO contains a plethora of unique lipids. Swapping them for something that has less taste does not make scientific sense. It's irrelevant that other oils have better C60-solubility - what counts is published papers that show efficacy at life extension in mammals.

Articles exposing "Clif High" as the scammer he is:

Clif High appears to be "pumping" products and services for commission:

In-depth analysis "Clif High's" mind and character:

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1.  Lauray    Saturday, September 16, 2017

As a long-term follower of Clif High, I believe him to be highly ethical and well-intentioned. He is also a practicing yogi which has a very solid ethical foundations. I believe his support for any specific product and inaccuracies in his reporting come from enthusiasm and desire to help others. It was Clif High's comments on C60 that brought me to Vaughter Wellness products. It is better that we all work together to enhance the total market than become defensive and critical of others without understanding their motives.

2.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, September 16, 2017

People who deliberately tell a great number of lies can't possibly be ethical, since habitual lying is the very definition of not being ethical. Clif High tells lies instead of being merely ignorant, since he's a software developer of advanced software, thus he has a high intelligence and reading comprehension, is able to rapidly absorb complex knowledge etc.

So we have a very intelligent man, telling a very large number of lies about a C60 product, with a clear aim to sell that product, since many of the lies are "positive" about the product. So his lies contribute to the profit of the vendor (and likely himself, as an affiliate) and to the detriment of the buyer. That is unethical.

What your personal beliefs are about a person are irrelevant. The only thing that counts is openly available, verifiable evidence. I analysed his statements on C60-oil products and conclude that he engages in deliberate disinformation to sell a likely inferior product (because not clinically proven - only EVOO-C60 has scientific evidence supporting it). I hope you understand that your personal beliefs are irrelevant. Before WW2, I would be able to say: "I believe Hitler is highly ethical, because he's a vegetarian, absolutely ADORES his German Shepard and is great with little children and moreover, he's deeply into eastern philosophy and ancient Indian symbols". It simply is a biased, ignorant opinion that does not jive with the observable evidence.

The fact that Mr. High indeed caused us great profits due to the unintended side effect of his intended profiteer selling out prematurely, is not a reason for us to be grateful to him. We didn't hire him to propagandise our product - on the contrary, he dismissed our product in favor of unproven products and said people should not buy our product - presumably because we don't pay commission to Mr. High. We used the profits to partially pay for a MXD Vibrachem Audir mixer (32,000 USD inc. shipping), so all of these profits go back into a better product for our customers. We dislike people who lie for financial gain, regardless whether we benefited as a side effect.

As to your suggestion that we should remain silent when the C60 product is hyped up with deliberate lies because all C60 vendors would stand to gain if we just "divide up the market", as I said before, we're rather exceptional in the sense that we prefer honesty over profit, which may be, I suspect, because our founders are on the Autistic spectrum (Asperger's). We also mention, for example, that our dermaneedling products are ILLEGAL, worldwide. Would any ordinary seller ever be so crazy as to be so honest? Only people who put honesty above money are like that. We are the ONLY sellers that behave like that in our niche - most likely because all our employees and ourselves are autistic. At least that's my explanation. We have employees that would rather lose their jobs than to go against their own principles.

Your claim that I am too stupid to understand "Clif High" (fake name!) 's motives is disproven by my own article above as well as my elaboration in this comment. He's very intelligent, yet he spreads a VERY large number of very obvious, easily debunkable untruths, with the only result being ENORMOUS sales of the product under false pretenses, so much that AFTER his intended profiteer sold out, that we still sold 2000 extra bottles. We're talking very big business, when Mr. "High" hypes up a product, and Mr. "High" assumedly has made so much money, pushing products for commission that, if he thinks we're unfairly defaming him, he can easily afford a libel attorney.

C60-extra virgin olive oil is proven to do incredibly exciting things to the health and longevity of rats - ALL his claims about C60 dissolved in different oils are lies, neither have these products ever proven to do anything beneficial to rats so it's highly irresponsible to endorse those products over the many available REAL C60-EVOO products. We have many competitors in the C60-EVOO space. Buy from us or buy from them - don't buy something peddled by an obvious scammer, something that has no scientific evidence to back it up.

The lipids attached to the C60 molecules are crucial in their antioxidative effect since it's the lipid chains that hold them inside the cellular lipid bilayers and mitochondrial membranes. Coconut/Avocado oil are very different oils.

3.  Cole    Friday, September 29, 2017

Very well said Sarah. A perfectly inarguable counter.


4.  Janet    Monday, October 9, 2017

I agree, well said.

I in fact saw the Clif High promo ignored his coconut oil version "because he likes the taste" oh dear, so searched and immediately found you. Not everyone is American.
Thanks Sarah, and thank you for writing re autistic people involved in your work.
In my opinion the activities of other companies does not matter, all that matters is that the search engines show your site. I liked it immediatey.

5.  Martin Steeves    Saturday, October 21, 2017

Clif is a fraud and charlatan in the fortune teller tradition.

6.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sadly, the scammers peddling super-expensive C60-EVOO will give the product a bad reputation, with their wild claims of unsubstantiated health benefits by fake "customers".

C60-EVOO has been proven to do the following ONLY:

1. Protect the liver against certain hepatotoxic chemicals
2. Prevent tumor formation in mammals
3. Slow down aging in mammals
4. Being a reusable universal anti-oxidant

It does NOT improve or cure any kind of ailment! I think that making a person live longer in good health is more than enough, but the "make money online" gangsters always hype-up their wares because they want the most profit in the shortest time, and when their claims prove to be a pack of lies and the product is utterly discredited, they move on to push something else.

7.  Tom J    Monday, November 20, 2017

I was also led to Vaughter Wellness after watching Clif High on YouTube. I think it is important for the consumer to use a critical eye in these matters. Right now I am very excited about C60, and about the philosophy of Vaughter Wellness as articulated by Sarah Vaughter. Thanks for making C60 available at such a reasonable price!

8.  Denise    Monday, December 4, 2017

I heard about C60 through Cliff High's peers in the UFO community. People I respect were going on and on about a miraculous and extremely fast-acting cure-all that Cliff High was giving away to high-profile alternative researchers. It sounded good - too good. I finally watched one of his videos and could not finish it because he did not seem genuine at all. He was putting down another (much younger) researcher - basically talking a lot without saying anything of substance. This is a technique to fool people. I am surprised more people do not see through "Mr. High's" bs! He also is an advocate of crypto currency - the latest greatest pyramid scheme/money laundering system! I would say "Wake up, people," but his followers already consider themselves awake and cannot hear it. Sigh. I look forward to trying YOUR product!

9.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, December 4, 2017

Hi Denise,

As long as people have money to spare for things like this product, it can't hurt. But very ill people who desperately spend their last money in the hope it will help them - they should be discouraged because it's not going to be of benefit.

10.  Jürgen    Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hello Sarah,
I take every second day MMS (Jim Humble). So, my plan is to take Your product every second day between
the days of MMS. I hope, that is not problematic.

About very ill people is my advice, that they should change their life: no stress, healthy eating, walking every day.
But when the cancer occurs, they should do what the doctors say and at once change their life.
I had cancer (lymphom) nine years ago and I am healed.

11.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jim Humble is a criminal and MMS does not work - I've written this article about him:

12.  Mary    Saturday, December 23, 2017

You are right about clif high. He puts on a decent act of being a harmless weirdo hippy, but he is ruthless and nasty when challenged. His followers act like cult members doing the dirty work for dear leader, attacking you if you challenge him.

13.  Stormey    Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello Sarah, I am just responding to let you know that there have recently been a plethora of studies on the benefit of C60. One main benefit is in the area of arthritis, particularly rheumatoid arthritis. Another study showed that c60 was able to slow down AIDS.
Here is a compilation of all freely available peer reviewed studies from medical journals from the US National Library of medicine. The scope of the studies are quiet wide and very astonishing.

14.  Linda    Sunday, January 7, 2018

I am an unbiased, reasonable person who is married to a wonderful man who is desperately trying to find a cure to my lupus / sjogren's syndrome (Which also affects my nerves and memory). After 7 long years of going to doctors and clinics who have gone from one extreme ( 22 months of benlysta infusions, for instance) to just putting a band aid on my pain with narcotics and neurontin, he has decided to find a cure for me on his own and has come up with this C60.
He also is putting our dogs on it, one of whom has epilepsy and is on phenobarbital and I have no idea if there will be adverse reactions, but he is now furious with me for questioning this product and has already started our 3 on it today.

I have decided, due to my cns and pns issues, and the fact that I am on more than a few medications, that I am too afraid to try it, since I have seen it stated more than once to NOT go on it if you already have a disease. I'm not afraid about my life, but rather getting side effects like my tinnitus turning up higher, which a lot of drugs and supplements cause it to do. I wish my husband would just take it and not bring me and my dogs into this, but he thinks he is going to cure us all. My dogs are older too.

In any case, could I please get some feedback or thoughts on if it would be safe to put a dog who is on phenobarbital already, on this c60? Also, what about someone who is already ill? I AM interested in the skin aspects as my sjogrens vasculitis is incredibly unattractive and getting worse by the day it seems. Could I just rub it on my skin?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Thank you, Linda

15.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hi Linda,

The product is completely safe to use under any and all conditions, except for people who can not eat olive oil for some reason.

It will most certainly NOT cure any illness or affliction or condition.

16.  bob    Friday, January 12, 2018

...I placed an order with Live Longer Labs for 190.00$, it has been one month and I have still not received my order...and now they will not answer any of my emails requesting tracking of my this point, they are not nice people...just sayin'...bob

17.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, January 12, 2018

Literally, absolutely every sentence on the LiveLongerLabs site is a bald-faced lie. I can give some easily verifiable scientific arguments for my claim:

1. They claim C60 passes the blood-brain-barrier. False: In order for a molecule to be able to pass the blood-brain barrier, it has to be <= 500 Daltons and C60 is 720 Daltons (Nucleons, C's atomic nr. being 6, so 60 x (2 x 6). 2 to also count the neutrons. In reality, the C60 is bound to at least one large lipid chain, so it's even very much more than 720 Daltons!

2. They claim C60 is "made from hardwood". LOL!! Please ask ANY manufacturer of C60 how they make it. It's a VERY complex procedure, involving ultra-pure Carbon rods, used as electrodes in a plasma arc, using high voltages and currents, in a vacuum chamber, where Fullerenes get sublimated and then dissolved in a toxic solvent. Then, using liquid chromatography columns, the C60 faction is extremely expensively separated and the the solvent is evaporated in a vacuum oven under very high temperature for a very long time.

But that SCARES the typical Cliff High disciple, so they just lie and pretend it's a "natural" product.

ALL OTHER CLAIMS ARE LIES as well. I found zero truthful statements about C50 on their website. Absolutely none. It's all lies to make sales. It's astonishing in its deceptiveness. These people are criminals, because they sell an extremely over-priced product under completely fraudulent pretenses.

18.  Ed Walter    Sunday, January 21, 2018

I am very new to C60 and trying to learn all I can. It was my understanding that C60 could cross the blood brain barrier, so I was supprised by the statement that it cannot cross the BBB. So I did a quick search and came by this artical.
Which is a published research paper, which containes this statement,
The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a physical barrier composed of endothelial tight junctions that restrict the paracellular permeability. A major challenge facing neuropharmacology is to find compounds that can be delivered into the brain through the bloodstream. Fullerene C(60) was demonstratively able to cross the BBB by hybridizing a biologically active moiety dyad, which provides a promising clue as a pharmacological therapy of neural disorders.

19.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, January 21, 2018

We're selling Lipofullerene C60, not C60 in water or C60 as a powder, because those are toxic and can't even be made significantly bioavailabe. Neither is there any efficacy in increasing lifespan demonstrated for plain C60.

C60-EVOO is a very large molecule, much larger than the 500 Daltons or less, required to pass the bbb.

So your premise is incorrect. You're confusing the product everyone is selling, the product that doubles rat lifespan, with a poisonous substance that has little to do with it, especially biochemically, due to the extremely different molecular nature of the substance.
It's like saying: "Chlorine is a toxic gas, so salt is highly toxic, just like Chlorine". Nope: NaCl is something very different to Cl. Lipofullerene C60 is something very different to C60.
The day we start selling pure C60, not bound to lipids, is the day the authorities should come and arrest us for poisoning our customers. The mistake of confusing the C60 mentioned in the scientific literature for the substance that doubled rat lifespan and is now sold widely is common. NONE of the scientific literature mentioning C60 has ANYTHING to do with what we sell. Absolutely NONE.

20.  Damon    Monday, February 12, 2018

Thank You for your service to humanity.
Keep up the good work Sarah.

21.  Bill    Monday, February 12, 2018

Hi Sarah,

I heard of C60 from Cliff High and am glad I found your wesite before the one he endorses.
Looking forward to trying the product. If it works for me, I will be recommending it to my family and friends.


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