Health studies for C60 Buckminsterfullerene

Buckyballs have only been discovered in 1985.

Nearly all of us have heard about this curious material, but the media always dances around Buckminsterfullerene in rather vague terms, mentioning how interested the pharmaceutical industry is in the substance, and how they're working to use it as a drug delivery vehicle in the not-so-distant future. These regular media reports never informed us much about the concrete merits of C60, but they served their purpose: Keep the general public interested in buckyballs, because Big Pharma is allegedly diligently developing patentable drugs based on this spherical Carbon molecule to treat various age-related afflictions with.

Do you remember what those articles always dwelled upon? They always said that due to the cage-like nature of the Buckminsterfullerene molecule, they were hoping to use it as a drug-delivery vehicle, as a kind of capsule, "to protect the medicine from largely unspecified deleterious bodily influences and somehow deliver it targetedly to wherever the medicine has to be delivered. Sounds pretty cool, and why would we disbelieve any of it.

Do you trust Big Pharma? The industry that charges for their products exactly what the market can barely bear, corrupting governments worldwide, lobbying for legislation that guarantees their monopolies, guarantees eternally extortionate prices and makes it virtually impossible to successfully sue them when your loved one dies of one of the myriads of side effects.

We never found reason to doubt the C60-as-a-drug-delivery-vehicle story, but now we don't buy it anymore for the following reasons:

A. There is more than a little evidence in published medical research that plain, unpatentable C60 can prevent certain illnesses such as cancer, as well as increase longevity. For that reason, it is in Big Pharma's financial interest to suppress this information and somehow monopolize all use of buckyballs. Imagine that people would live long healthy lives without getting age-related diseases such as cancer. It would be bad for business! With all the regular press mentioning of Buckminsterfullerene as a sophisticated future means of drug delivery, we never ever were informed of the spectacular health benefits of the simple, unadulterated C60. And that is very, very strange, as Big Pharma undoubdedly has done their own LD50 studies on this compound, presumably getting similar results as the recently published study where rats lived years longer than they naturally should - and literally died of old age instead of what is normal in rats - a tumor or a lung infection. To keep dwelling for the past two decades on hypothetical future modified-and-patented forms of C60 and not on the astonishing, unique health benefits of unmodified C60 is evidence of a sinister agenda. Big Pharma is in the business of keeping people sick and profiting as much as possible from selling symptom relievers. Anything that keeps people healthier is a severe threat to their bottom line. This is why vitamins have been discredited in the media for years prior to the enforcement of Codex Alimentarius, and this is why Buckyballs are portrayed as "useless now, but perhaps in the future, when our benevolent pharmaceutical industry has done their genius R&D on them, they may one day be useful as medicine (patented drugs!) delivery systems (by themselves again patented)"

B. The entire concept of Buckminsterfullerene molecules is pretty much nonsense. Anyone with basic chemistry knowledge can easily verify this. There are three main reasons why:

1: Just about nothing fits inside a buckyball. They've managed to put a water molecule in C60 molecules and a few Hydrogen atoms fit into the spherical space. That's about it. Now when you look at the structure formula of medicines - just take a random pick and look one up on Wikipedia - you'll find that the molecules of nearly all medicines do not fit into a Buckminsterfullerene molecule.

2: Buckyballs are the tightest mini-safes known to man. To "crack" one is nearly impossible, molecularly spoken. For all practical purposes, a Buckyball stays a buckyball for all eternity, as they are inert and the carbon bonds are as strong as those in diamond. So any "medicine" inside a buckyball will remain there forever.

3: Let's fort a moment assume that Big Pharma is not lying about their true intentions with buckyballs. What if they really are looking into making mega-sized buckyballs with wide nanotubes attached to one side, giving them a "homing mechanism" to seek out specific tissues, and add a release valve of some sorts, complete with a tissue-specific trigger. Does that really sound credible, given the fact that there already are several real-life means of targeted drug delivery, and that they are all basically boycotted by Big Pharma? No. Big Pharma is not, and has never been in the manufacture of complex nano-machinery. Big Pharma manufactures dodgy symptom relievers, usually derived from indigenous plants, and sells them for criminal prices. That's what they do. Besides: The futuristic buckyball-machine I just described already exists: It is called a recombinant-DNA retrovirus. They can already do the job and even better than that: They can modify the DNA of terminal-stage lung tumor cells, to give but an example (Cuba, 2000). But such cures are never made available, never approved and we are never made aware of their existence. There are plenty of high-tech targeted drug delivery methods, such as by using monoclonal antibodies affixed to the drug molecule, but Big Pharma wants nothing of it. They want cheap-to-develop, cheap-to-produce drugs that prevent people from dying, but keep them sick enough to need their drugs for life.

Now for evidence of assertion A, the medical studies that show a profound health-promoting, counter-illness, life-extending effect of simple, natural, unpatentable C60:

Rats that have been given only 24 doses of C60 living up to 90% longer than untreated rats:

That study is the bombshell that is now discussed on every longevity forum, with people starting to concoct their own C60-olive oil brews, some not even bothering to centrifuge and filter their broth.

The rats did not just live very, very much longer (years after they should have died of old age!) but their livers were fully protected against lethal doses of highly toxic chemicals. Read the study (PDF on the left) and see photos of how the C60-protected livers look healthy, whereas the livers of rats that did not get C60 got destroyed. And the rats did not die of cancer or pneumonia, as is normal with rats at the end of their lives. They died of the general wearing out of their organs. They likely reached their genetically maximum attainable age, in perfect health, their weight was that of a normal healthy middle-aged rat until close to the end.

C60 increasing the lifespan of mice and restoring the brain capacity of old mice to that of the level of young mice:

C60 greatly protecting mice against the lethal effects of gamma radiation (the control group died, most C60 mice survived):

Positive cardiovascular health effects of C60:

C60 preventing metastases and inhibiting tumor growth:

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