C60: 3 x slower tumor growth, 2 x less metastasis, 22% longer life

This C60 anti-cancer study shows impressive results in mice that have been implanted with a lung carcinoma.

The researchers gave two groups of mice cancer and split them into a group that was given 5 mg/kg of C60 and a control group. All mice died of the cancer but the mice that were given C60 lived 22% longer.


Note how the mice were only given a single dose, no daily treatments. 5 mg/kg would mean, for an adult human patient weighing 70 kg, 350 mg. That is 8 bottles of our C60 product. It is unknown whether olive-oil dissolved C60 is as potent against cancer as water-dissolved C60. It could be more potent and it could be less potent. It also is unknown whether it will work on humans with cancer as well as on mice with cancer, and it is unknown whether it will work as well on other cancers as it did with the lung carcinoma used in the mice.

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