Health studies for C60 Buckminsterfullerene

Buckyballs have only been discovered in 1985.

Nearly all of us have heard about this curious material, but the media always dances around Buckminsterfullerene in rather vague terms, mentioning how interested the pharmaceutical industry is in the substance, and how they're working to use it as a drug delivery vehicle in the not-so-distant future. These regular media reports never informed us much about the concrete merits of C60, but they served their purpose: Keep the general public interested in buckyballs, because Big Pharma is allegedly diligently developing patentable drugs based on this spherical Carbon molecule to treat various age-related afflictions with.

Do you remember what those articles always dwelled upon? They always said that due to the cage-like nature of the Buckminsterfullerene molecule, they were hoping to use it as a drug-delivery vehicle, as a kind of capsule, "to protect the medicine from largely unspecified deleterious bodily influences and somehow deliver it targetedly to wherever the medicine has to be delivered. Sounds pretty cool, and why would we disbelieve any of it.

Do you trust Big Pharma? The industry that charges for their products exactly what the market can barely bear, corrupting governments worldwide, lobbying for legislation that guarantees their monopolies, guarantees eternally extortionate prices and makes it virtually impossible to successfully sue them when your loved one dies of one of the myriads of side effects.

We never found reason to doubt the C60-as-a-drug-delivery-vehicle story, but now we don't buy it anymore for the following reasons:

A. There is more than a little evidence in published medical research that plain, unpatentable C60 can prevent certain illnesses such as cancer, as well as increase longevity. For that reason, it is in Big Pharma's financial interest to suppress this information and somehow monopolize all use of buckyballs. Imagine that people would live long healthy lives without getting age-related diseases such as cancer. It would be bad for business! With all the regular press mentioning of Buckminsterfullerene as a sophisticated future means of drug delivery, we never ever were informed of the spectacular health benefits of the simple, unadulterated C60. And that is very, very strange, as Big Pharma undoubdedly has done their own LD50 studies on this compound, presumably getting similar results as the recently published study where rats lived years longer than they naturally should - and literally died of old age instead of what is normal in rats - a tumor or a lung infection. To keep dwelling for the past two decades on hypothetical future modified-and-patented forms of C60 and not on the astonishing, unique health benefits of unmodified C60 is evidence of a sinister agenda. Big Pharma is in the business of keeping people sick and profiting as much as possible from selling symptom relievers. Anything that keeps people healthier is a severe threat to their bottom line. This is why vitamins have been discredited in the media for years prior to the enforcement of Codex Alimentarius, and this is why Buckyballs are portrayed as "useless now, but perhaps in the future, when our benevolent pharmaceutical industry has done their genius R&D on them, they may one day be useful as medicine (patented drugs!) delivery systems (by themselves again patented)"

B. The entire concept of Buckminsterfullerene molecules is pretty much nonsense. Anyone with basic chemistry knowledge can easily verify this. There are three main reasons why:

1: Just about nothing fits inside a buckyball. They've managed to put a water molecule in C60 molecules and a few Hydrogen atoms fit into the spherical space. That's about it. Now when you look at the structure formula of medicines - just take a random pick and look one up on Wikipedia - you'll find that the molecules of nearly all medicines do not fit into a Buckminsterfullerene molecule.

2: Buckyballs are the tightest mini-safes known to man. To "crack" one is nearly impossible, molecularly spoken. For all practical purposes, a Buckyball stays a buckyball for all eternity, as they are inert and the carbon bonds are as strong as those in diamond. So any "medicine" inside a buckyball will remain there forever.

3: Let's fort a moment assume that Big Pharma is not lying about their true intentions with buckyballs. What if they really are looking into making mega-sized buckyballs with wide nanotubes attached to one side, giving them a "homing mechanism" to seek out specific tissues, and add a release valve of some sorts, complete with a tissue-specific trigger. Does that really sound credible, given the fact that there already are several real-life means of targeted drug delivery, and that they are all basically boycotted by Big Pharma? No. Big Pharma is not, and has never been in the manufacture of complex nano-machinery. Big Pharma manufactures dodgy symptom relievers, usually derived from indigenous plants, and sells them for criminal prices. That's what they do. Besides: The futuristic buckyball-machine I just described already exists: It is called a recombinant-DNA retrovirus. They can already do the job and even better than that: They can modify the DNA of terminal-stage lung tumor cells, to give but an example (Cuba, 2000). But such cures are never made available, never approved and we are never made aware of their existence. There are plenty of high-tech targeted drug delivery methods, such as by using monoclonal antibodies affixed to the drug molecule, but Big Pharma wants nothing of it. They want cheap-to-develop, cheap-to-produce drugs that prevent people from dying, but keep them sick enough to need their drugs for life.

Now for evidence of assertion A, the medical studies that show a profound health-promoting, counter-illness, life-extending effect of simple, natural, unpatentable C60:

Rats that have been given only 24 doses of C60 living up to 90% longer than untreated rats:


That study is the bombshell that is now discussed on every longevity forum, with people starting to concoct their own C60-olive oil brews, some not even bothering to centrifuge and filter their broth.

The rats did not just live very, very much longer (years after they should have died of old age!) but their livers were fully protected against lethal doses of highly toxic chemicals. Read the study (PDF on the left) and see photos of how the C60-protected livers look healthy, whereas the livers of rats that did not get C60 got destroyed. And the rats did not die of cancer or pneumonia, as is normal with rats at the end of their lives. They died of the general wearing out of their organs. They likely reached their genetically maximum attainable age, in perfect health, their weight was that of a normal healthy middle-aged rat until close to the end.

C60 increasing the lifespan of mice and restoring the brain capacity of old mice to that of the level of young mice:


C60 greatly protecting mice against the lethal effects of gamma radiation (the control group died, most C60 mice survived):


Positive cardiovascular health effects of C60:


C60 preventing metastases and inhibiting tumor growth:


1.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, May 24, 2012

Someone posted this, but it got deleted:

Hi Sarah, This is fantastic information!
Thank you for this great service!

Since according to your estimate the 50ml bottle would contain 40mg of C60 and
you have recommended 1mg/per day, how long would it take someone to have as
much C60 as the rats in the study had? I am assuming it would be more than a
mere 24 days? Thanks again for making this available. I can't wait to order my first batch!

My answer:

Please see this posting:

I found a methodological error in my calculations, the corrected version is there.
You would need 3 mg/day, every day for 15 years to get an equivalent dose as the rats in the study, allometric scaling taken into account. Our 50 ml bottles will have a saturated C60 solution, exactly 45 mg/bottle. We recommend 1.5 mg/day because the rat study tried to poison the rats to death with C60 instead of measuring a medicinal effect, so there is no reason to assume that dose is the minimum required dose for the longevity effect. So one dropper bottle will lasts exactly one month. We are not clear on pricing yet. This product is incredibly labor-intensive and there is alreay a site announcing sales for 128 dollars/100 ml. We thing that is too expensive. Longevity should not be an elite thing. However, expensive it will be - that is inevitable unless the process is scaled up to industrial level.

2.  Cfpelton    Thursday, February 21, 2013

I believe it is insane that our government holds such possibilities to increase life span in humans, in return less illnesses and decrease in medical cost. In our day and time now it is evident that people cannot afford the out-ragious cost of health prevention. It should be allowed on the market for the public and at a affordable rate. I myself am very much for holistic medicinal remedies and am always looking for ways to sustain the lives of my family and self, looking young and remaining young as possible is of utmost importance to me.

3.  Cfpelton    Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is this available to the public, and how can it be purchased and where, Health Food stores etc.?

4.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, February 21, 2013

We produce and sell it - the link at the top-right. We ship from Europe. There is also a US producer/vendor. As far as I know, there are only two vendors.

5.  Rick    Friday, November 1, 2013


Someone on your website wrote "At the time of publication of the scientific publiction, many mainstream newspapers reported on this extraordinary breakthrough, however they all appeared to have pulled their articles because there is not a single trace to be found anywhere online anymore, not even using Google news. Zero search results for buckminsterfullerene lifespan in Google News, for example."

They may have pulled articles and I don't even remember how I came upon your website originally...I think it was a link on another website I don't know.

Too late, I have gotten ahold of your product and know what it has done for me. I received your C60 roughly a week ago I guess and decided to take a dose to (2 droppers full) see what I would feel. I felt nothing. I figured I SHOULD feel something if this wasn't a bogus product so I took another dose about 5 minutes later. Nothing. I took 5 more full doses (10 droppers full) 10 minutes after that. Nothing. THEN I decided that the rats received large doses and achieved great results so I decided to do the same. I unscrewed the dropper out of the bottle and took a good chug of C60. Oooookay....maybe I shouldn't have done that. lol As the C60 was going down the hatch I felt the product entering my body through the mucous membranes of my mouth. It was quite stimulating and wouldn't recommend that to anyone. But I'm just crazy enough to try it out and I did. After about 15 minutes of dealing with the highly stimulating C60 it finally started winding down a little.

Now let me get to the point. I took a 10 droppersfull dose the next day and got stimulated again.

Now here's the CRAZY part. You gotta UNDERSTAND something here....I have a degenerative disc in my back. I tried to get a great paying job working in the Gulf of Mexico...Ok, this letter is taking too long....let me get to the gist of the matter here....

I have NO PAIN in my back where my degenerative disc is. I thought maybe it was just my imagination, but after lifting weights for 4 days now with no pain.....I don't know. Maybe it wasn't the C60, it could have been the FIR sauna I just bought a week before the C60. I have really bad asthma, my lung function is like 30% and causes a lot of problems with my heart. When I'm walking, especially with a backpack or other load I am huffing and puffing and my heart will hurt from not getting enough oxygen. Today I had a HEAVY load of groceries and KNEW I was going to have to pay the price and huff and puff like an old, out of shape man, but I barely felt that walk. I was barely breathing and thought it strange and KNEW I should have been GASPING for breath and my heart should have been hurting from lack of oxygen. My body was evidently getting plenty oxygen and my heart felt great and not burdened at all. THAT was crazy. So here I am with a degenerative disc that doesn't hurt anymore and lungs that seem to work now and a heart that doesn't hurt anymore when I walk and I JUST got my C60 last week I think. This stuff is interesting indeed.

I am enclosing a attachment to show you how much C60 was left in the bottle after 1 hour of dosing. It was my first time ever taking C60, but it won't be my last. I just got more of your product in the mail today...2 bottles of C60 and some Lufenuron. I bought more because I knew when I got my first bottle I was going to experiment with one or more high doses.

I took about 1/3 to 1/4 of that bottle in an hour. I don't think I will be taking such a high dose anytime soon due to the stimulation effect, but I WILL be taking half that dose soon. Don't think I'm crazy, but I yesterday I FELT the C60 working on my heart and veins in my legs. Yes, I felt the things I felt and now I feel good when I walk and my heart doesn't hurt anymore and my back isn't hurting either.

Take care and have a great day!

6.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, November 1, 2013

Hi Rick,

If our product did that for you that would be amazing, but I'd be careful attributing (all) those improvements to the C60. It may just be a coincidence, the Placebo effect or, as you mentioned, the sauna may have something to do with it.

The invigorating taste is due to the extra virgin olive oil we imported ourselves from a Cretan mountain village. We have photos on this site about our containers being filled. Real extra virgin olive oil often tastes very strong, compared to store bought oil, which is nearly always adulterated. The actual C60 does not have much of a taste. The Cretan oil is incredibly high quality and associated with longevity as well and we went to the cemetary in the little village of Paleochora to see how old people get there and there were some centenarians buried there and many who gotten older than 90 years old.

There have been many people saying they felt more "oxygenated" or had "better lung capacity", people with impaired health as well as top athletes ("ordinary" people did not report anything special) so perhaps we can attribute this to the C60, if it's not a placebo effect. The disappeared pain in your degenerated disc: I fear it's just a coincidence.. Don't get your hopes up too high, please..