Buckminsterfullerene-olive oil production process

For those interested in the process from raw "buckyballs" to Buckminsterfullerene in extra virgin olive oil, what follows is our method of producing it. This article is regularly updated to reflect our improving production process.

We buy 99.5% pure C60 from Solaris in Canada and not from cheap Russian vendors who sell impure C60 or from the Chinese-owned-and-operated SES. The substance looks like a coarse black powder.

We used to micro-grind the C60 in order to achieve a faster mixing time, using this Retsch RM200 machine (we paid $8000,- for a new machine), but we don't do that anymore.


We now achieve a fast mixing time without micropulverization (extremely messy to transfer the resulting powder, with C60 ending up smeared on the table, also due to static electricity ending up on the floor, clothes, hands, light switches and only "removable" - smearing it thinner and wider - with oil...), because we bought a custom-made Mixer Direct mixer in the US for 30,000 USD:

This beast weighs 750 lbs and cost 2000 USD to ship. The actual mixer is inside the black soundproofed cabinet. It uses a vibrating metal plate, a kind of "infrasound" which, unlike ultrasound, does not warm up the oil. It takes just a few days to dissolve the C60 due to the fact that such a machine is much more effective than a magnetic- or overhead stirrer. We vacuum-dry Solaris' c60 to 99.95%. That way you we are 100% certain that the final product is bona-fide. We only purchase from reputable vendors in North America, since there are scammers selling C60 as well.

Then comes the mixing stage. C60 doesn't dissolve in water at all, and it is only very poorly soluble in edible oils such as olive oil, the oil used in the original c60 rat study.

We use an 25 gallon recirculation vessel and mix under complete darkness, since light has been theorized to be able to negatively effect lipofullerene C60 - something we have no found scientific evidence for yet. However to better be safe than sorry, we switched to using bottles with pitch-black glass from Miron in the Netherlands:

Very important is the exact type and brand of olive oil used. Olive oil is adulterated worldwide, and what is generally sold in supermarkets as extra virgin, is no such thing - neither is it often truly pure olive oil at all, but instead cut with cheaper oils. Because we do not know whether (part of) the anti-aging effect is due to certain types of fatty acids in the olive oil used or due to antioxidant compounds in the cold-pressed, unfiltered oil, we think it is of prime importance to use the absolute best extra virgin olive oil in the world. We went to a Cretan village and watched how the olives were pressed and the containers filled in our presence. Our oil is unfiltered, because the sediments contain a variety of unique antioxidant compounds that we don't want to lose, especially not since it has been postulated by researchers that the chlorophyl in combination with the C60 may have something to do with the life-extension effect. The original researchers used a high-quality Tunesian oil that one of the researchers, a Tunesian, himself imported from a Tunesian village, so we decided to do the same, only with a Cretan village.


Update: Nowadays we source our oil from another Cretan village. They sell their oil online on http://www.cretanoliveoilfarm.com

The oil is, after centrifuging for half an hour at 5000g, filtered through a filter with a pore size of 0.22 uM, small enough to block all CFU's (Colony Forming Units: bacteria & fungal spores). We use glass bottles because we do not want any volatile compounds such as phtalates in the plastics to end up in the oil.

We use a Thermo IEC Centra GP8R which centrifuges three liters per batch, taking one hour. We paid 4000 dollars for this used machine. It refrigerates as it spins, avoiding a warmup of the oil. Centrifuging is the first step in assuring a product free from small particles. Vacuum filtration is the final step. The bottles used to be manually filled with a Fortuna Optifix 50 ml dispenser but nowadays we use a Chinese-made automatic filler. We used to seal the bottles manually with heat shrink band but our new bottles have pipettes with an integrated seal. We used to close our bottles with a manual tool but nowadays we use a Kinex Cappers electric capping machine.

We used to produce bottles for many months at a time because we stored it in a cellar in Swedish Lapland where it was always cold, but nowadays we do "just-in-time" production close to our dispatch center so there is no significant storage involved anymore. This allowed us to lower prices, since we don't pay for shipping from Lapland to our dispatch center anymore (postage from Sweden was prohibitively expensive). Also due to effective automation we could lower prices. Please note that we do NOT constantly update the product expiration labels because that leads to a lot of wastage of expensive color laser toner due to unused labels or running out of labels and constantly having to mess around with label printing. So the expiry date is "worst case" and based on how much we print them in advance. Rest assured that when you order a month later and the expiration date is still the same that we have NOT shipped the same old batch twice!

The purity is 99.95%:

C60 purity chromatography

1.  Michael Mooney    Monday, July 30, 2012

I relish your transparency. But I worry that you'll get focused on my the powers-that-be, meaning FDA, for selling something that's not approved (in the USA) for human consumption, stating a recommended dosage for humans and making available information that would cause FDA to say that you're selling an "unapproved new drug."

Have you considered these things and other legal implications? 
Because you're selling from another country, the implication is that your products might be seized by US Customs.

The other approach, which is safer is what Carbon's site does. State little and say it's for research purposes only, not for human consumption.

Good luck, whatever you do.

2.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, July 30, 2012

The FDA is literally a criminal organization under current US law. We are reserving the money we make on this product for online activism, detectives and lawyers, when the time comes. If we will ever suffer commercial damage due to the FDA, we will do everything in our power to expose the corruption in that organization. That will include spending a six-figure amount on private investigators, examining every detail of the FDA officer's lives and anything untoward will be published far and wide. Every scrap of information from the lives of every high-ranking FDA officer will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb, and it will be correlated with anything that could possibly be construed as corruption. We have already worked on this so that we'll be prepared in case the FDA starts trouble.

It is our opinion that the corrupt FDA's leadership belongs in jail and we will spare neither effort nor expense to make that happen if they'll ever cause a problem for us. And we will operate from the assumption that if anything untoward happens to our hosting, payment processor or domain registration, that the FDA is behind that, which would trigger the inevitable publication of hitherto unknown scandals about the corruption of certain FDA officials, past and present.

It would be better for the FDA to focus on people who are making millions by scamming others, not people like ourselves, who produce an honest, safe, useful product for a fair price. We sell only a few bottles a day at the time of writing so the FDA should have bigger fish to fry. As long as they allow MMS to be sold for example, they have no business harassing us.

3.  Michael Mooney    Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello Sarah,

I was given the “Activist of the Year” award in 1994 for my work helping to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, which protected vitamins and dietary supplements from being made into prescription items. FDA said, in the Federal Register, “They could not let the availability of dietary supplements act as a disincentive for the development of new drugs.” And then proposed to make vitamins prescription items.

We generated more letters to Congress than any issue in history and Congress passed our bill to stop the FDA.

So, we are of similar mind.

The one weak link for you is that they could cut off sales to the USA by using customs to stop your packages. But if the rest of the world supports y0u, that is part of the calculation.

I’ll be buying from you a some point.

Best wishes for success,

Michael Mooney


4.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank you - also for your efforts curtailing the FDA/Big Pharma.

I don't think everything is opened yet, in the US, as it is in most European countries. We ship from Europe, so there are no problems with European customs either. So far, there were no confiscations in any country.

We will fight back - we'll label it as ordinary olive oil if we have to. Of course, confiscated orders are refunded, if it ever will be necessary.

5.  Guest    Friday, August 24, 2012

She is outside of the US, and this product is 100% legal in the US.
Therefore, It doesn't matter what this site says.
There is nothing the FDA can do.

6.  Lovingterra    Monday, November 12, 2012

I bought 1 of this bottles. Haven't tried yet, as I am on HCG diet at the moment, but soon, in 3 weeks I will. I understand that I need to put few drops under the tong?

TGA (same as FDA but in australia) are criminals too. Look what they did with the black salve that treats 100% melanoma. They threatened the guy who used to sell salve even for animals. The outlawed black salve for human and animals. We bought before that. 3 members of my family treated melanoma with black salve 100 % effective. Good you can now find the original recipe how to make it but TGA even trying to outlaw the sale of ingredients, what wold we live in??? Governments poison their population with heavy metals and chemicals in tap water, herbal cancer cures are outlawed, free energy technology suppressed, i guess it is similar to hell, at lease to the upper layers of hell.....

7.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, November 12, 2012

You can drip it straight into your mouth or mix it with food (I mix it into salad).

The problem with FDA-type institutions is that, in their zeal to protect us against ourselves and against scammers and unsafe products, that they inevitably go over the top and prevent our access to important remedies - also as a result of Big Pharma influence.

8.  Trefoglio    Thursday, November 22, 2012

The fullerene that you bought from SES is not vacuum dried, right?

9.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, November 22, 2012

Correct, we do that ourselves, since the price of the oven is earned back after purchasing the first 200 grams C60.

10.  Elijahforest101    Thursday, November 29, 2012

I was going to send this message in a letter but decided to just write here that I love your product Sarah! You are one of the few on earth with the integrity, kindness and spirit to bring us such a beautifully made product, with so many health benefits. You are a health guru god!

11.  Mborgula    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

what are the side affects?

12.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In rats, "side effects" are 90% life extension, 100% tumor-prevention and remaining on a weight typical for middle-age throughout old age, all the way until death of hitting the Hayflick limit. No other (side)effects were seen.

In humans, no side effects can possibly be reported with even the slightest degree of confidence, since one would need to do a carefully controlled double-blind, placebo-controlled study with approx. 1000 individuals. It does not look like this will be done in the near future, if ever.

However it is highly unlikely that an intracellular antioxidant would have any side effects apart from a protective (antioxidative) effect.

13.  solange leroy    Monday, October 28, 2013

salut sarah
je ne suis pas vraiment bilingue
pouvez vous m aider

pouvons nous commander cette huile

et si oui....combien ca coute

je suis a montreal

pouvons nous avoir le prix de l appareil


solange leroy

14.  Ilija    Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello Sarah. Can you please tell me what did you mean when you said: As long as they allow MMS to be sold for example, they have no business harassing us. I would like to have more information about MMS, i think I know a lot about it, but I would like to hear your opinion.

15.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, November 26, 2013

MMS is a scam:


16.  Alissa    Friday, January 3, 2014

Did you see this site below? Would that be true that might be some errors?
I am wondering if you use C60 as a producer/manufacturer regularly? Thanks


17.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, January 3, 2014

Yes, the authors of the study corrected a few things, such as having mistakenly used the same photo twice in the rat liver damage study. Correcting their error ended up showing a more protective effect of the C60 than the previous photo.

They were sloppy with the graphing software used as well (they said they'd never used it before), and they rectified the graphs. The general conclusion of the study still stands: C60 causes record longevity in rats. The study started as an ordinary toxicity study and the researchers were both inexperienced with more serious studies, as well as excited and rushed in getting their results published. That is why they killed the remaining rat (or even two rats, as it is rumored to have been said by one of the authors) so they could publish their amazing findings. Ironically, killing the remaining rat(s) would give even more substance to their findings - it would raise the average lifespan.

I don't use our C60 daily but we put an entire bottle in our salads - and we eat salad often. When we make a huge bowl, we put in two bottles. That's the luxury of being the producer..

From the link you gave:

"The Editor-in-Chief received two very detailed reports from referees who indicated that the methodology appeared sound and they both recommended acceptance after some revision. Neither referee nor the Editor-in-Chief noticed either error, and the revised paper was published. Due consideration has been given to the potential effect of these errors on the overall results and conclusions drawn, and so it has been decided the conclusions are still valid. The authors have provided explanations of how the errors were made during the preparation of graphics and images."

18.  MD, New Jersey    Friday, January 16, 2015

Hello Sarah, I would like to buy your product, where can I get it?
My email address is : jmarante12@optimum.net

19.  Vany    Wednesday, August 3, 2016


A recent study shows that "C60-olive oil solutions are sensitive to light and that commercially available options show evidence of degradation due to light, which may cause them to become toxic"
How do you handle this degradation due to light ?

20.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Firstly, this "research" by Ichor Therapeutics, a competitor of ours in the C60 anticancer/antiaging sphere, is highly questionable, especially because they did not publish it for peer review. It is possible that some of the more amateuristic vendors of C60 used impure, cheaper C60 and/or mixed the product under the influence of light, but still, the only risk of light exposure is rancidity, when pure C60 is used (without organic solvents). I would like to read their secret "study". As you know, most "research" done nowadays is not reproducable. To me it seems as if that company spreads FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) to guide potential customers towards their own products instead.

It is highly unlikely that this company has done mutagenicity studies on various commercially available C60-EVOO formulations for a variety of reasons, this is why I question the thruthfulness of their so far wholly unsubstantiated claim. It seems as if the real purpose of their claim is an aim to establish themselves as the sole vendor of a FDA regulated product.

The reason that this company comes with the allegation that competing products with their own planned c60 product "massively cause cancer" is because this NYC startup apparently aims to monopolize the market with their own, much more expensive, FDA-regulated anti-tumor product they're developing, of which manufacturing method, origin, composition and preparation are so far unpatented trade secrets. You just have to take them on their word that all C60-EVOO products made exactly as in the rat study (that prevented all cancer!) "massively cause cancer" but that their so-far-vaporware product "doesn't". Without giving any evidence whatsoever for neither claims.

Secondly, of course we protect our product against light, since it is an olive oil product and it would be foolish in the extreme to allow this very expensive product to be exposed to light, since rancidity would be the inevitable result, since the mixing takes such a long time. Since we can't sell rancid oil, this would mean that we'd have to discard the C60 inside the product as well, and C60 costs about the same as 24 carat gold powder of the same weight. A lot of useless batches would be the result. As we explain on our site, the product is mixed in a dark room in Swedish Lapland, in dark vessels and packaged in brown bottles and then stored in a dark, cold room in Swedish Lapland. On a "just in time" basis, the product is then shipped to the Czech Republic, where it is stored for no longer than two to four weeks in a dark unheated cellar in a house with massive stone walls, keeping cool even in summer. The bottles are packed with two in cardboard tubes and those tubes again are in large boxes.

Also, the C60 we purchase is "baked" by us in a vacuum oven to be absolutely certain that there really are no remaining solvents.

What we need to know is: What C60 did they buy and where, what product did they prepare with it and how, to what intensity and wavelength light did they expose the product and for how long, and how did they come up with a cancer-cuasing property of the resulting product. Because if you use impure C60, that by itself is carcinogenic, of course, due to the solvents used. The C60-EVOO used in the rat trial was highly anti-mutagenic and our product is prepared with even more care and stored cool (the rat study kept it out of the fridge for 6 years).

Ichor Therapeutics is trying to monopolize C60's anti-cancer properties as a licensed drug and part of their efforts is to get existing, unlicensed products off the market. It is hard to do this via FDA action, so instead they're spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt. It would be pointless to get hundreds of millions in funding for a product that's available online for a few dollars.

21.  JS    Friday, September 22, 2017

I have a question regarding your stir time. You claim to follow the French rat study protocol. Faithfully. But on the production process page of you site you make this statement ...”In order to achieve our target purity of 99.95%, the remaining solvent has to be evaporated in a vacuum oven, and for that to go as quickly as possible, as well as to achieve our unparalleled 900 mg/l solubility, the C60 powder first has to be micronized to greatly increase its surface area. We do this with a Retsch RM200 machine (we paid $8000,- for a new machine) which achieves a fine brown powder with a particle size of 10 µM after one hour of grinding ten teaspoons full. The small particle size allows us to stir much less than the two weeks required with coarse powder to dissolve all the C60, which helps preserve the oil's quality.”
This is contradictory to the original study done in France. So your statement about adherence to the original protocol is false.

22.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, September 22, 2017

We will update this page to reflect that fact that we don't micropulverize anymore. Our purchase of a 30,000 USD Mixer Direct mixer did away with that requirement.

Mixing time is irrelevant - the only thing that counts is binding the C60 to the lipid chains.

The FUD about the formation of some "harmful epoxides", when micro-grinding, is nothing but that - FUD. C60 only forms epoxides under high temperatures and only under influence of a special catalyst.

The batch we're currently selling, as well as all other batches, use non-micronized C60. I refer to the extended store description and the to-be-updated version of this page to see a picture of our new MDX mixer, which weighs 750 lbs and uses infrasound "Audir" technology. Note how infrasound does not warm up the oil, in contrast to ultrasound. Infrasound simply is actual mechanical stirring by a vibrating plate, but very effectively so, applying great shear forces on continuously refreshed product.

23.  MS    Friday, October 13, 2017

The original study claims that C60 (purity %99.98) was used. You start with %99.5 and claim it goes to %99.95. I have couple questions:

1. Do you know what is the essence of the %0.05 impurities? Is there a chance that these are nano particles with unknown structures and unknown toxicity.

2. How do you measure the purity of %99.95? Is it verified by somebody else?

Thank you!

24.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, October 13, 2017

1. Yes, the impurities are mainly other fullerenes such as C70. The C70 molecule looks nearly identical to C60 and when you look at its chemical properties, should be slightly better in donating/accepting electrons than C60. Certainly no toxicity, neither with the other impurities, which are simple carbon compounds.

2. By Chromatography. The chromatogram at the end of this article was made for us by SES in the US.

25.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, October 13, 2017

I forgot to say that "we claim it goes from 99.5% to 99.95%" is not due to magic - it's due to the same process as the original manufacturers use to attain that purity: Vacuum drying so that the solvent evaporates, used in the production. With the quantities of C60 we're purchasing (1 kg at a time), the price of a good vacuum oven is earned back at the first purchase of 99.5% instead of 99.95%.

26.  Andrea    Friday, December 8, 2017

Is there any information regarding c60 consumption and pregnancy either future plans to get pregnant or consuming while pregnant? I have not come across anything online yet regarding this topic with humans or animals.

27.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, December 8, 2017

You haven't come accross it because the product is non-toxic. A rat toxicity trial showed that it was strongly "negatively toxic", even.

28.  Paul Rauh    Saturday, December 9, 2017

I have read that several times more C60 than the amount that will be dissolved needs to be present in the mixture of oil and C60 in order to get the maximum amount of C60 dissolved in the oil. Does your process do this? I ask because I have also heard that the degree of purpleness of the final product indicates the quality of the product. I have some product from another company that states that it does use several times more C60 than actually dissolves, and that product is considerably more purple than yours. Any comment? Thank you.

29.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, December 9, 2017

He sells C60-EVOO with a slightly higher concentration (at most 20% more C60 than we do) but he charges about double for the same quantity, when you calculate it. So he's just trying to make you think that his oil is somehow "better" because he dissolved a little more C60 into it. And he thinks people will pay double, for that little bit extra. He wants to be "special" that he has the highest concentration of C60, but it's just slightly more, like taking a few drops more of our product, per dose, than his. If you think that's worth paying double, go ahead :-)

30.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, December 10, 2017

As to "purpleness indicating quality", our product is beautifully purple. Pour it into a shot glass and hold it against the light. His should be slightly more purple than ours, like 20% more. But it costs 100% more. Look at his price for 50 ml and our price, and look at his concentration and our concentration. Then calculate how much you pay for 1 mg of C60. He charges double. Everyone in this space tries to be "special". Some use Avocado oil or other oils, but those are not clinically proven on rats. He offers a slightly stronger product. We have the darkest bottles and one of the lowest prices (on Amazon is someone selling it even cheaper than we do). We're all trying to compete :-)

31.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, December 10, 2017

OK I just went to his site (carbon60oliveoil) and he offers the same concentration as we do, 0.8 mg/ml (we have 40 mg/50 ml). Don't forget that we have a $30,000 VibraChem infrasound mixer from the US company Mixer Direct, especially developed to mix C60 into EVOO. That's super-high-tech. He uses a $30 magnetic tabletop stirrer. He charges $15.75 for 30 ml and we charge $15 for 50 ml. So he's nearly twice as expensive for the exact same product. Say that we'd only sell 0.6 mg/ml, that we're grossly lying about our concentration. His product costs $0.66 / mg C60. If we'd be lying and selling 0.6 mg/ml, we'd charge still only $0.50 / mg C60. In fact, we fill our bottles to 53 ml, not 50. So even if we'd be totally lying about our concentration ("adding" 25%!) we'd still be about a third cheaper. And like him, we don't charge any shipping to most addresses. Only P.O. Boxes and apartments pay $7 tracking fee. He's just justifying a much higher price. And making comparisons harder by putting it in a smaller bottle.

32.  Leslie    Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Thank you Sarah for the detailed comparison between your Owndoc C60 and the one mentioned in comments #29, 30 & 31. I recently visited that other vendor's website and came across their 'Proven Quality' testing and figured there was some catch to the information they present. The attention to detail and quality of your product makes it extremely comforting for me to purchase Owndoc C60 over that of your competitors.

33.  Sarah Vaughter    Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Thank you, Leslie. Nobody is perfect, neither are we and I'm sure some of the other sellers are honest but all of them entered the scene after we pioneered this supplement and a lot of them are just copying us (badly), even mimicking our labels, copying a lot of our statements on the product etc. My biggest gripe is all the false claims about how it performs "miracles".

We have a real lab, equipped with state-of-the-art production machines bought in the US, staffed with qualified people wearing latex gloves (often we go through 15 pairs per person, per day just to avoid too much smudging on the bottles) and mouth/hair protection using automatic filling machines etc. We only buy from oil/c60 manufacturers of proven reputation, it's the only way to do business when one produces such large qty product as we do (100 bottles/day at the moment). Others have fly-by-night setups. We noticed that our competition's stock values went down nearly not at all at times we were selling 200 bottles/day. All of our competitors now stopped displaying their stock values and one even banned our entire country at their website so we can't see it anymore... Whilst having copied much of our style...

34.  Donovan Gopaul    Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hello Ms. Vaughter

I am curious about the claims made at https://carbon60oliveoil.com/proven-quality/ about concentration testing between brands. And, the sunflower producer in the states claim of having WAY more concentrations https://c-60.com/pages/faq-s
I think you have addressed this somewhere but I couldn't find it. By the way I just received my first two bottles from you and to my delight, it only took ten days to reach me in Canada. Thank-you.

35.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hi Donovan,

c-60.com are real criminals and liars. This is actually also alluded to by some of our own competitors, who also explain why that company's sunflower oil with C60 is black: They BOIL the oil in order to dissolve the C60 much faster. The result is a black oil with extremely carcinogenic substances in their product. In addition, sunflower-C60 has no science that backs it up, and on top of that, all the claims they make on their site are totally bogus (deliberate lies), nonsense, and unproven. The reason they use sunflower oil is because it's much cheaper, so they can make a quick buck and won't have to worry about EVOO quality issues. Instead they use totally unsuitable and UNHEALTHY even when NOT heated, sunflower oil. This because it's mostly Omega 6, which is associated with heart disease and cancer, with more and more science to back that up. Olive oil has the healthy Omega 3, that nearly everyone has a severe deficit of. Omega 3 keeps your cell walls (lipid bilayers) "flexible" and healthy. All Omega 6 does is make mammals sick.

carbon60oliveoil.com are NOT criminals and a reliable supplier, in our current opinion. I think they are the ONLY non-criminals in this space, together with us. They do their best to spread negative rumors about our product, but I am honest and I believe they're genuine, honest, reliable with a good product and if you don't mind paying significantly more for the same net C60, you'll receive the product faster, if you're in the US since we're in Europe and at the best of times, it takes ten days in transit for our C60-EVOO.

We used to sell a slightly higher-concentrated product but nearly three years ago, some people did an (unreliable, because too few samples used) test and we tested about 20% less than we claimed. As soon as we found out (noone bothered to inform us), we lowered our price, lowered our claimed concentration by 20% and very significantly modified both our production process as well as our quality control.

36.  Sarah Vaughter    Saturday, January 13, 2018

I forgot to explain WHY we did not know that our claimed concentration was in fact sometimes a bit too low: We let our supplier of C60, SES in the US (but Chinese-owned) test our C60-EVOO. It turned out that their test was inaccurate, since also their OWN C60-EVOO product tested nearly just as high in concentration as our product, both around 20% lower than claimed. We stopped buying from SES and stopped relying on their tests.

37.  Eveline    Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I know you have said you can mix C60 with food but can you add it to hot liquids? I make Bullet-Proof coffee in the morning and since there is oil in there already I put the C60 in with that. A health practitioner felt it would be best to take it on its own, on an empty stomach, under the tongue sort of thing, so that it's absorbed more directly into the bloodstream. I haven't been able to find anything on your website about "how" to take it, just how much. Thanks in advance.

38.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, January 23, 2018

If there were any conceivable restrictions, recommendations, limitations, preferable means of taking it, best practices etc, we would have mentioned them. We're extremely scientifically rigorous in our usage guidelines. If you download our dermaneedling guidelines or Lufenuron-for-humans-against-Candidiasis guidelines you'll see dozens of pages with warnings, how-to's and advice. For C60-EVOO there is absolutely nothing of the kind, because there is absolutely nothing to report. It's ordinary high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil to which C60 molecules have been added. The resulting compound behaves metabolically exactly like EVOO, is extremely stable, also temperature-stable, chemically non-reactive, non-toxic, does not react with any other chemicals in the body or in known medicine. There is no "best combination" or "best time of the day" or "best temperature" or "best apportionment schedule" or "best dosing strategy" or "to avoid" or "to be recommended" for this product, because at every conceivable way of taking it, it will end up similarly effectively used by the body. EXCEPT if you'd gulp half a gallon.

I'm autistic. I have a habit of spending 1000 hours researching a topic from all sides and then thinking extremely critically about what I've leart. We were the first, producing and selling this product. 6 years ago or thereabouts. We've sold - I don't know - 75,000 or so bottles to all kinds of people, including early adopters with advanced Biomed degrees, Chemistry degrees, Nutritionists, people with Physics degrees. Some of these people are autistic themselves and some even were FULLERENE experts. None of these expert customers ever brought up any recommendation, restriction, advice as to the taking, dosing, storage, combination etc. of the product. It's a VERY boring product in that regard.

They had countless concerns about production quality or theoretical side effects and had many theories on how it could possibly work and what it could possibly do for a person but not a single person knowledgeable of metabolism, digestion, microbiology, Chemistry, Physics ever brought up anything of the sort.

39.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The C60 molecule is much more resistant to environmental influences (pressure, temperature, Oxygen) than Diamond or Titanium and it will not leave the lipid molecules of olive oil when raised to the boiling temperature of water or even to frying temperatures. Even when the EVOO is raised to its smoke point, the C60 remains bound to the lipids, chemically unchanged.

40.  Jay    Friday, February 9, 2018

Hi Sarah first off im impressed that you spend so much time and go into detail in your repies, also impressed that you went out and bought proper EVOO, I heard all about 'fake' olive oil a few years ago and it kind of put me off buying this stuff.

Anyway what I wanted to know is have you heard of this stuff being beneficial as a topical rather than just internally. I was thinking of using it as a kind of anti ageing face oil (if it doesnt break me out) and maybe even seeing if it can help on my scalp by regrowing where ive started losing a bit of hair. Just wondered if you think it could work or Id be wasting time and product.

41.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, February 9, 2018

Hi Jay,

It's used in extremely expensive cosmetics, hence the toxicity trial on rats that turned out to become the famous anti-aging study. There are people who suspect that UV light will create harmful byproducts so if you use it on the skin you should not go into the sun with it.

42.  Ann    Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hi Sarah,

Who is your C60 supplier now, since it is not SES anymore ?
Thank you.

43.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, August 26, 2018

That's the first thing in the article on this page: Solaris in Canada. They produce it in a University.

44.  Christopher    Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Just received my 2 bottles to test. I am a Nutrigenomic Practitioner with 40 years experience, 34 years of which have been in anti aging nutraceuticals. Thank You for your service, and honesty in production and pricing.


45.  Rene    Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hi Sarah, I purchased a bottle of c60 from here, approx 6 years ago in 2012, I recently found the 100% unopened bottle, on the bottle it says it expires in may 2014 that was 4.5 years ago it was supposed to expire.

So my question is... Is there still any benefit from consuming my bottle of c60 that expired 4.5 years ago?

PS: It was also stored at room temperature the whole time.

Your wise feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

46.  Sarah Vaughter    Thursday, November 15, 2018

The only reason we have an expiry date is because oils get rancid over time. If your six year old oil does not smell vomit-inducingly horrible, then it's fine to use and it will work just like fresh product.

47.  anonymous    Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sarah, I think you may be about to experience a drastic fall in demand for your C60. Clif High has put out this tweet:

"clif@clif_high 19h 19 hours ago
Due to demand, C60 now in short supply prompting foreign manufacturers to use C60 cut with GLASS! Be very WARY of cheap C60 during this period.
USA manufacturers forming a C60 reactor consortium to produce pure source for USA producers.
WARNING: C60 GLASS Contaminants"

IDK but it looks like your US competitors are trying to put you out of business. Wow! I didn't know that it's so cut throat. I would have thought there is plenty of demand for this product without such shenanighans.

I think that C60 purple power guy has put his prices up while you have dropped yours. They probably don't care for sellers who share cost reductions with their customers

Anyway, are you going to double check your C60 to make sure it's not contaminated? I like to be able to continue to buy from you with full confidence that your product is what it says on the label ie no added glass please

48.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, December 16, 2018

C60 is very plentiful and every manufacturer has kilos of the stuff in stock. We buy from Solaris in Canada, who produces it in a University there.

The reason that "Cliff High" lies about this is that he gets commission from US-based vendors of C60-in-oil, and we're neither in the US, nor will we pay a dime to him to promote our product.

And since we're by far the biggest seller in the space, and since nearly all our buyers are in the US, "Cliff High" would tremendously increase his profits if he'd manage to scare those US customers away from our product.

We use the absolute best ingredients. The bottles come from the Dutch Miron, the C60 from the Canadian Solaris Chem, and our olive oil is from verified producers in Portugal and Crete who really grow, harvest and extract the oil themselves and do not cut with other oils. We now have an actual Portuguese guy coming over in a truck right after the Portuguese olive harvest and he drives a metric ton of perhaps the world's best oil to us!

The product that is in short supply is the actual product MADE from the C60 and a vegetable oil. Because it takes weeks to dissolve! And the larger the mixing vessel you use, the slower that goes! So you either have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a high-tech mixer (we paid $30,000) or you have to use flasks and magnetic/overhead stirrers and your output is a tiny fraction of ours and you won't be able to handle demand. Although demand is down sharply since Cliff's promotion - this cuts into his profits and makes the C60 raw powder plentiful, since the C60 producers wanted to be ahead of the demand curve.

"Cliff High" would not be "Cliff High" if he wouldn't be able to come up with some more lies to increase his bottom line. How on Earth would C60 be "cut with glass?" Who would do that, cut it with something that does not dissolve in oil? He had to make up something that really scares people, I guess glass was the best he could come up with.

49.  anonymous    Sunday, December 16, 2018

Thank you for the reassurance, Sarah. I was mulling over that tweet last night and when I woke up this morning, I concluded it was BS.

BTW, Clif posted a video where he was chatting with the purple power guy, Ken. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JltNwQIghA.
Just after 1 minute in, Ken said:
" ... one of our suppliers has been totally bought out by NASA and I know of another company that has been totally bought out by NASA. ... So NASA has figured out the benefits of C60. They buy it up by the kilogram .... So something's happening there...."

If NASA is trying to corner the C60 market, will you have problems obtaining the raw material?

PS Next time, Clif might claim they're cutting the C60 with caesium.... LOL!

50.  Sarah Vaughter    Sunday, December 16, 2018

NASA is perfectly equipped to produce as much C60 as they want - setting up a C60 factory is quite straightforward and relatively cheap. The biggest problem is that it's a bit messy and relatively labor-intensive.

You really are listening to the wrong people :-)

"C60 cut with glass because NASA is buying up the world's supply"

People like "Clif High" get rich because they know how to manipulate gullible folks.

51.  Kevin    Saturday, February 2, 2019

Hello Sarah,

I have read your blog all the way from 2012 until the last one in December 2018 & have loved the information and your attitude towards truth telling (plus the quality/purity of focus in your production of C60OLIVEOIL).

I am currently waiting for the first 6 bottles from you to reach me in Australia. [redacted]

Yes, your product is a little cheaper(although it may be longer in delivery)....BUT... the BIG BIG REASON for me is the is the unflinching truth in your answers to questions about the disinformation & negative manipulations around C60.

Narcissistic 'know it all' Clif High (not his real name) has been conning people for years over issues other than C60; i am so glad that you have been one of the few people who have exposed his manipulative stories with straightforward facts.

Looking forward to some more of your posts.


52.  Joel    Friday, April 5, 2019

I am really grateful both for how you have thought all this through and how you have taken time to answer all these questions! My order is on the way and I am excited to start using it but have a quick question myself-

Do you have any additional information on how the production process affects the olive oil? I am REALLY glad you emphasize quality of the oil as that was a huge concern of mine but I'm particularly curious if any degradation happens from the pressure of the centrifuge and fine filter.

I'm not really concerned with it being an issue because I highly doubt there is one,I'm just slightly autistic with the overly curious drive to know all the details myself :-)

Thanks again!

53.  Sarah Vaughter    Friday, April 5, 2019

Hi Joel,

The only things that could negatively affect oil quality is prolonged exposure to heat, light and Oxygen, while it's being stirred, since all these three factors "age" the oil, pushing it toward rancidity.

That's why we bought a bespoke (designed especially for our application by them) $30,000 mixing machine from MixerDirect where it's rapidly mixed under controlled temperature conditions and in complete darkness. The larger the mixing volume, the less contact it has with ambient air, per unit of volume. Also mixing it a short time and less turbulently prevent oxidation of the oil.

54.  Robert    Monday, April 8, 2019

I hope you can educate me on a question I have about the color of c60 as in regarding the purple color. Is the color of purple from residue of toluene as Geska's C60 claims ? He cites a Russian study claiming "What the Russian researchers discovered, after exhaustive research involving Carbon-60 and the lesser known Carbon-70 is that C60’s real color is not purple. The Russian research determined C60 is actually transparent or clear."
I am not defending this company (I think he's over the top with his claims and all his supposed tests and meaningless photos which means squat to me) nor finding fault with your company. I honestly believe in your integrity and honesty but truth be known I am ignorant of these matters that are on a scientific level. I hope to hear from you as I am very interested in the health benefits of your C60 olive oil product.
Robert Owen

55.  Sarah Vaughter    Monday, April 8, 2019

Hi Robert,

The study you're referring to:


The gangsters that lie about the content of the study:


The study does not say that a C60-in-oil solution is CLEAR, it says it is possible to make it TRANSPARENT, in other words it's possibly to achieve a perfect solution without remaining nanoparticles etc.

I assure you that Toluene is colorless, so is Toluene in oil and that extremely pure C60 without contaminants is purple, in oil. I will pay you $ 100,000 (one hundred thousand US dollars) if you can get any Western lab or Chemistry Ph.D. to state on the record that this is untrue.

The English translation from Russian is far from perfect, I refer to "antibactericidal" where "bactericidal" is meant, etc.

The study never claims that it's the solvents (Toluene) that cuase the purple color.

Before you believe people that sell $15,000 subscriptions to a product without any proven merit, read the actual source they're referring to :-)

56.  Sarah Vaughter    Tuesday, April 9, 2019

"Perfectly transparent" meaning that light shines through without getting dispersed by undissolved C60 particles. As opposed to "murky".

Transparent means that light is able to pass through, not that that all light frequencies will pass. The word for that is "clear", not "transparent".

57.  Robert Owen    Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for your reply to my question about the purple color of C60. I'm so glad I've found your very informative and educational site ! I just earlier ordered your C60 oil and look forward to receiving it. Thank you again Sarah !
Robert Owen